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Ykee Benda, Victoria University Promise Stand Out Singa Concert

Ykee Benda posing for photos with Victoria University students Ykee Benda posing for photos with Victoria University students

The month of March is climaxing on a good note for the party goers as singer Ykee Benda comes of age. The artiste will be performing at Kampala Serena Hotel on 29th March, 2019 and for this show he has enlisted the support of institutions like Victoria University.

As part of promoting the show, Ykee Benda visited Victoria University campus at Jinja Road where he promised ‘a stand out performance from Ykee Benda. One they will never forget’. He gave out free tickets to some students.

 Asked why he partnered with Victoria University, the singer said it gives him an opportunity to share and uplift the youth. “We are here to uplift the young because I am not old myself. They need to know that you can chase after the things you like even at a tender age.” He said.

The Vice Chancellor at Victoria University Dr. Krishna N. Sharma told Earthfinds that they sponsored the music show to provide excelling students who study business an opportunity to network with people who can have an impact on their businesses. 

“We wanted to motivate our students who have started businesses while studying at Victoria University. When we look at business, it is all about links, how many people you know. Your network is your net worth.

“We wanted to help these students to build their network better. That is why we sponsored and wanted them to go to such a show so that they can meet different people who can be helpful to their businesses.

Almost 20 students who study business courses have started their own businesses. The university is now helping them to horn their entrepreneurship skills.

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