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Buoyant Oil And Gas Gurus Kick Of Kampala Oil Convention

There is a lot of optimism and energy every time crème de la crème, the movers and shakers of the oil and gas industry gather to plot for their next kill.

Similar vigor oozed at Serena Hotel when Uganda Chamber of Mines and Petroleum (UMCP), government officials and sponsored took their seats to address a press conference.

The afternoon press conference on 18 April, 2018 was used to announce this year’s two days oil and gas convention which has today kicked off at Serena Hotel Kampala under the theme “Regional Collaboration for First Oil”.

The meeting will be looking at how Ugandans can use East Africa to get the best out their oil and gas. According to Elly Karuhanga, the chairman of UCMP, Uganda should position itself as the hub of oil and gas expertise, service provision and everything oil.

Karuhanga said the conference which will end tomorrow was coming is to accommodate interests of ‘our regional neighbors’. Uganda uses their neighbors in the east, Kenya, for logistical purpose while it needed the cooperation of Tanzania to lay a crude export pipeline.

And with South Sudan, DRC, Burundi, Rwanda and Tanzania adventuring into oil or gas exploration and production, Dr. Karuhanga says, a well equipped Uganda stands in a better position to serve these countries with the necessary manpower and expertise.

In a similar tone, Sam Thakker, General Secretary UCMP, believes the time is now for Ugandans and their neighbors to know how they are going to be involved in the oil and gas sector.

"We are determined to ensure that as many Ugandans are as heavily involved in this industry as possible,” an upbeat Thakkar told the press conference.

“You have seen the development of the Uganda National Oil Company, you have seen the development of Petroleum Authority of Uganda which is the regulatory body of all companies wishing to participate in the oil and gas sector in Uganda, you have seen MoUs going on between Uganda, DR Congo, Burundi, Rwanda with regards to how we play our roles in the movement of oil and also petroleum products.”

The deliberation at the two conference will largely reflect on the progress of local content development, skills development and further reminder of the opportunities in the oil and gas sector.

With the latest developments in the industry, more enthusiasm and commitment will be witnessed at Serena Hotel’s Victoria Hall, where the high level meeting is happening.

Oil Convention TO Discuss Regional Collaborations

The Uganda Chamber of Mines and Petroleum (UCMP) will host its two days annual oil and gas convention on 25th and 26th April at Serena Hotel Kampala under the theme ‘Regional Collaboration for First oil 2020’. The meeting will largely discuss how Uganda can position itself as the regional oil and gas hub.

This year’s theme, Elly Karuhanga, the chairperson UCMP, speaking at a press conference held at Serena Hotel Kampala to announce the Convention, said helps accommodate interests of regional neighbors like South Sudan, DR Congo, Rwanda and Burundi who are also trotting the oil and gas development and production road.

Karuhanga acknowledged that neighboring Tanzania is going to allow Uganda’s crude export pipeline (EACOP) to go through their country and allow Kampala export its oil to the rest of the world while the people of Kenya are going to see logistics – trucks, almost over 2000 – on the roads, on a daily basis, coming to develop Uganda’s oil.

“So we need to be on great terms with our neighbors. The people of DR Congo are likely to use the same pipeline. We have our friends in South Sudan, the people of Rwanda with their gas, Burundi with potential of oil – this makes Uganda a very strategic hub for oil development,” Karuhanga told journalists at the press conference.

“We are expecting participation from these countries. We will be looking at our partners, Total, Tullow and CNOOC to invite other stakeholders to come and play a part in the development of our oil.”

Ahlem Friga-Noy, the Corporate Affairs Manager at Total E$P Uganda, speaking on behalf of the Joint Venture companies said Uganda’s oil development is at a crucial point and continue to attract attention from businesses who want to come and invest in the country’s nascent sector.

“We have made tremendous progress. I think that is a great thing to say because sometimes you hear perceptions that things are not moving well but I can tell you that things are moving and they are moving fast.

“Increasingly and on a daily basis, companies are coming looking for business opportunities. We believe that this is a very good sign of the dynamism of the sector and confidence businesses are putting into the project and into the economic environment in the country,” Friga-Noy said.

Sam Thakkar, the General Secretary UCMP, said the convention present a lot of experiences from Africa from which Uganda and East Africa can learn from. “We know the case studies of Ghana, Nigeria and Angola. We have got a lot of knowledge from them in regards to what should and shouldn’t happen. We are pushed to ensure that as Ugandans we are heavily involved.”

Insurance Consultants Minet Upbeat About Uganda’s Oil Potential

Uganda’s oil and gas development and eventual production is set to see about $20bn invested in the country. This money will mainly be invested in putting in place required infrastructure to facilitate production of Uganda’s 6.5 billion barrels of crude buried in the Albertine Graben region, western Uganda.

This heavy and historic investment, according to Maurice Amogola, the Chief Executive Officer of Minet Limited, an insurance consultancy firm, presents a vast array of risks that if not insured can be disastrous and hamper the dreams of the country and the international oil and gas companies that have invested a fortune in the country.

In an interview with this website on Wednesday in Kampala, Amogola said while risks can be mitigated in various ways, insurance is very critical and oil companies, government and services providers cannot afford to ignore it. As a consultancy, Minet’s job is to discuss with clients about potential risks and suggest solutions by connecting client to suitable insurance firms to take the risk.

Amogola said in the advance of Uganda’s oil production, the market is preparing and insurance companies and Uganda Insurers Institute are training their personnel to understand the risks that might manifest in the oil and gas industry.

He explained that while the risks in the oil and gas industry are big and capital burdening, insurance firms can pool their resources together and spread the risk. “Companies that are here locally will be able to ensure local risks but the bigger risks and the liabilities that manifest will have to be shared with other international companies,”

“You will hear of companies like SwissRe, Alliance, UgandaRe, African Insurance Corporation, KenyaRe, PTA Insurance and others. All these organizations will share the risks that will come up in the oil and gas industry. We are taking our people through the processes.”

Minet, formerly Aon, is a consulting firm specializing in risk and human capital management. As the largest Aon Global Network Correspondent, Minet has access to a network spreading to 120 countries.

Minet is a well – known and trusted brand across many African markets. The rebirth of Minet marks an historic milestone in the Risk Advisory Industry. Minet is a Pan- African brand with an extensive African foot print, owned and led by Africans for Africans.

Minet and Aon will continue to have a close working relationship, which leverages Aon’s global expertise, strengthened by our local knowledge and experience. As Aon’s largest global network correspondent, Minet will be the partner of choice for businesses across Africa and continue to provide the same exceptional service to all clients across Africa.

Oil And Gas Local Content To Promote Industrialization – Roofings’ Lalani

The pursuit of local content in Uganda’s oil and gas sector received the backing of businessman Sikander Lalani when he said that in the presence of a robust participation of local goods and services suppliers the country’s oil and gas adventure will lead to industrialization and economic transformation.

Lalani who owns Roofings Group worth $300m was addressing a congregation at a cocktail hosted by Uganda Chamber of Mines and Petroleum (UCMP) at his residence in Kampala’s upscale Nakasero suburb.

“We are looking forward for the upcoming oil and gas industry. Surely, all the service providers and manufacturers will benefit a lot and we thank government for encouraging local content. Local content is to supply to the sector; this will promote industrialization and economic transformation in the country.” He said in his brief address.

The national oil and gas policy which was established in 2008, two years after Uganda discovered commercially viable crude oil deposits in western Uganda provides for the participation of Ugandans in the oil and gas industry. Subsequent national laws and regulation made it mandatory for the industry to absorb Ugandans and local businesses.

In the same spirit a national content policy has been drafted and is before cabinet for consideration. Government, through various agencies, oil companies and development partners are facilitated the skilling of Ugandans so that they are not technically kicked out of the industry.

Elly Karuhanga, the chairperson of UCMP said that it is the role of the private sector to create local content awareness by exposing the opportunities in the industry and preparing themselves to be able to execute these opportunities.

“Our job is to make an alarm that something is happening, that our economy is on fire, it is unstoppable and that nothing will ever stop Uganda from becoming a middle income country if not a donor country to the neighbors.

Uganda should be the hub of oil and gas industry for countries that have been endowed with oil and gas – in Sudan, DRC, Burundi, Rwanda, Tanzania and Kenya. So let’s train and skill our people.” Karuhanga told members of the Chamber who gathered for an evening of networking at the posh home of the Lalanis.

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