Leaders Eye Kaolin Mining In Rakai District

District leaders are aiming at developing the Kaolin mineral in their land INTERNET PHOTO District leaders are aiming at developing the Kaolin mineral in their land

The economic fortunes of Rakai district in Southern Uganda will turn around for the good if efforts by local leaders to revamp mining of kaolin are realized, http://theinvestigatornews.com reported quoting local leaders.

A retired UPDF officer, Major Mugumya Erasmus Magulumaali, also  a former Member of Parliament of Kooki constituency in Rakai district, has vowed to see that koaling mining takes off.

Kooki is key to vast deposits of Kaolin that is used in the manufacture of pottery, bricks, cement, ceramics, paints, plastering material, color lakes (insoluble dyes), and insulators.

It is also used as a main component of porcelain in toothpaste and as a light diffusing material in white incandescent light bulbs. According to Magulummaali, if the mineral is exploited the Kooki community will gain and the entire country.

In already established institutions like Kamengo technical Institute located in Kooki, ceramics courses can be initiated so that technical people are trained to do the necessary work especially if there is an industry to process different items.

‘Some investors had earlier on promised to embark on mining of the mineral and later establish an industry to process and deliver finished products.  ‘We want the Kooki people to gain in this project by being employed so as to earn a living’, the Investigator News quotes Mugulumali.

Robert Benon Mugabi the LC V Chairperson promised to work hand in hand with Magulummaali explaining that he has already contacted investors who are ready to embark on the project and also identify more minerals in Kooki and Rakai district.

‘These investors will also purify our natural water of Lake Kijanebarola as it is pumped to the different areas surrounding the lake’, explained Mugabi.

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