Buoyant Oil And Gas Gurus Kick Of Kampala Oil Convention

UCMP's Sam Thakkar and colleagues during the press conference announce the oil and gas convention which is now happening in Kampala UCMP's Sam Thakkar and colleagues during the press conference announce the oil and gas convention which is now happening in Kampala

There is a lot of optimism and energy every time crème de la crème, the movers and shakers of the oil and gas industry gather to plot for their next kill.

Similar vigor oozed at Serena Hotel when Uganda Chamber of Mines and Petroleum (UMCP), government officials and sponsored took their seats to address a press conference.

The afternoon press conference on 18 April, 2018 was used to announce this year’s two days oil and gas convention which has today kicked off at Serena Hotel Kampala under the theme “Regional Collaboration for First Oil”.

The meeting will be looking at how Ugandans can use East Africa to get the best out their oil and gas. According to Elly Karuhanga, the chairman of UCMP, Uganda should position itself as the hub of oil and gas expertise, service provision and everything oil.

Karuhanga said the conference which will end tomorrow was coming is to accommodate interests of ‘our regional neighbors’. Uganda uses their neighbors in the east, Kenya, for logistical purpose while it needed the cooperation of Tanzania to lay a crude export pipeline.

And with South Sudan, DRC, Burundi, Rwanda and Tanzania adventuring into oil or gas exploration and production, Dr. Karuhanga says, a well equipped Uganda stands in a better position to serve these countries with the necessary manpower and expertise.

In a similar tone, Sam Thakker, General Secretary UCMP, believes the time is now for Ugandans and their neighbors to know how they are going to be involved in the oil and gas sector.

"We are determined to ensure that as many Ugandans are as heavily involved in this industry as possible,” an upbeat Thakkar told the press conference.

“You have seen the development of the Uganda National Oil Company, you have seen the development of Petroleum Authority of Uganda which is the regulatory body of all companies wishing to participate in the oil and gas sector in Uganda, you have seen MoUs going on between Uganda, DR Congo, Burundi, Rwanda with regards to how we play our roles in the movement of oil and also petroleum products.”

The deliberation at the two conference will largely reflect on the progress of local content development, skills development and further reminder of the opportunities in the oil and gas sector.

With the latest developments in the industry, more enthusiasm and commitment will be witnessed at Serena Hotel’s Victoria Hall, where the high level meeting is happening.

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