NEMA Approves ESIA For Tilenga Project

The Uganda National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) has approved the ESIA report for the Tilenga project and subsequently issued a certificate to Total E&P Uganda B.V. and Tullow Uganda Operations Pty Limited for the development of six oil fields, an industrial area, buried infield pipelines and supporting infrastructures, including camps. The certificate of approval has been issued with a validity of 10 years.

This marks a key milestone in the progress towards the development of Uganda’s oil resources. Whereas ESIA approval is necessary for the commencement of project as per the legal requirements of Uganda, it is also a key prerequisite for the Final Investment Decision (FID) which will trigger the project execution and construction phase.

The ESIA report describes the main characteristics of the project, the potential environmental and social impacts as well as corresponding mitigation measures that will be implemented to avoid and minimise potential negative impacts and enhance positive impacts. The purpose is to ensure that stakeholders are fully informed and decision makers consider the resulting environmental and social potential impacts, both negative and positive, when deciding whether to proceed with a project.

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