MPs Want Government To End Oil Secrecy

There is an increased demand to know what is happening in Uganda’s oil industry INTERNET PHOTO There is an increased demand to know what is happening in Uganda’s oil industry

Members of the Parliamentary Forum on Oil and Gas in Uganda’s tenth Parliament are demanding that government ends the culture of secrecy currently surrounding the country’s young oil industry.

The call was made during a meeting at which the Directorate of Petroleum at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development met Members of Parliament to up them on the progress made in the oil and gas sector, Infrastructure Development, and Petroleum related regulations.

Theodore Ssekikubo, the chairperson of the Parliamentary Forum, while speaking at a meeting lamented that the oil and gas sector is still engrossed in a culture of secrecy and that it must end.

“Whereas a number of efforts have been undertaken by the government such as the development of a strong policy, legal and institutional framework, it is still difficult even for Parliament to access information which is pertinent to fostering the much required transparency and accountability in management of the sector," Ssekikubo told the meeting that recently sat at Parliamentary Hall in Kampala.

According to civil society organization, secrecy in the oil business breeds corruption. Global Rights Alert (GRA), a human rights- civil society organization launched ‘Our Oil Our Future’ campaign to encourage Uganda to improve transparency in governance of oil and other mineral resources by signing onto the Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (EITI). Uganda is yet adapt EITI.


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