How Shell FuelSave Diesel Protects Your Engine

No one wants to drive a car when the health of the engine is uncertain. The engine is the heart of every automobile. This is why it is every motorist’s desire to have his or her car engine in shape.

However, some motorist feed their car engine with the wrong fuel and lubricants. This does not only put the car in danger but also the driver’s life. Imagine an abrupt breakdown of the car engine while you speed away on a highway. The resultant accident can be fatal.

For that matter automobile experts advise that you should feed your car engine with the right lubrication and fuel. Luckily there are fuels on the market that can do a dual role – power your engine and clean it as you drive.

One such fuel is Shell FuelSave diesel which is designed to last longer. It is made with Efficiency Ingredients to improve engine proficiency.

Cleaner Engine, Smooth Running

Petroleum products retailer Shell says previous fuel economy formulations have been solely based on keeping critical engine parts clean, such as intake valves. However special detergents have been added to Shell FuelSave Gasoline formula to help keep inlet valves clean, prevent deposit formation and improve engine efficiency.

According to the global retailer, Shell FuelSave gasoline is designed to reduce energy losses in the engine, which can help improve engine’s efficiency and help get a little further. Shell FuelSave fuels are enriched with Active Efficiency Ingredients combined with a special detergent package designed to improve fuel economy.

Improving Mileage, Work

Previous fuel economy formulations have been solely based on inlet system deposit control over extended mileage using detergent additives.

This advanced additive formulation of Shell FuelSave, now also containing Active Efficiency Ingredients designed to improve engine efficiency, which can help your car use fuel less quickly. Potentially even more when used together with our Shell FuelSave Tips.

Discover the savings for yourself with Shell FuelSave fuels – head to your nearest Shell station today.

Last modified onMonday, 22 August 2016 13:08

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