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Etihad Airways To Fly Vodafone Powertalks’ Winner To Abu Dhabi

One lucky business person stands a chance to win a free return ticket to Abu Dhabi, the capital of United Arab Emirates, aboard Etihad Airways, following a sponsorship partnership between superfast internet service provider Vodafone Uganda and the airline.

The lucky winner will get the opportunity to experience Abu Dhabi’s first class tourism and hospitality when Vodafone and Etihad Airways conduct a raffle draw during the 5th Edition of Vodafone PowerTalks, a forum held every quarter to empower business owners and managers with ICT skills.

Next week’s forum will be held under the theme; Leveraging Technology in Tourism: Lesson for Uganda. The PowerTalks are aimed at encouraging players in Uganda’s small and medium enterprise businesses to embrace the use of technology in their field so as to enhance their businesses and the industry.

“Uganda is fast becoming a leading tourism destination and the progressive SMEs involved in this space will have to be more innovative in the way they use technology to redesign tourism products to address individual needs, satisfy consumer wants and grow their businesses,” said Allan Richardson, the Chief Executive Officer, Vodafone Uganda, while announcing the event last week.

The forum which, will take place on July 28, 2016 at the Kampala Serena Hotel, is expected to attract over 250 Small and medium enterprise entrepreneurs, managers and ICT enthusiasts from mainly the tourism and hospitality industry including but not limited to; aviation, media, health and cultural attachés from various institutions.

The event has also attracted a number of exhibitors including; The Pearl Guide, a tour and travel mobile app, Samsung, makers of home and mobile electronics, and Etihad Airways, the national carrier of the United Arab Emirates. The airline launched its operations Uganda in 2015 and currently flies to over 400 destinations globally.

Why You Should Switch To MTN 4G

The new technology referred to as 4G – also known as Long Term Evolution (LTE) – technology is a worldwide efficient mobile broadband technology that enables improved speeds and superior Internet user experience. It offers great data transfer speeds and the shortest times, allowing users to have a seamless, uninterrupted download experience.

In Uganda the evolution of mobile internet technology has seen telecoms like MTN Uganda improve the speeds at which users can upload and download heavy files, internet calls clarity, seamless internet gaming and surfing.

Correspondingly, many Ugandans are holding 4G capable smartphones and are not aware of what they can do with them. MTN is aware that some of its customers have 4G LTE devices e.g. mobile phones or modems. For their convenience, MTN is giving these customers a free MTN 4G/LTE SIM card that they can use in their devices. Below are 10 reasons why you should switch your SIM card to an MTN 4G enabled one: 

Free 1GB

Every MTN customer that exchanges their old SIM for a 4G SIM card also gets 1GB of FREE data instantly. The resultant positive experience due to using the Internet on MTN Uganda’s 4G network is intended to upgrade you to a whole new world of first class internet access across the country.

Free 4G LTE SIM card

MTN customers with 4G capable devices can now exchange their old SIM cards for a FREE 4G card at any MTN Service Center across Uganda. MTN wants data customers to have the best Internet experience during downloads, uploads of audio and video files without buffering.

Widest coverage

MTN’s 4G LTE network covers all major towns in Uganda including Kampala, Entebbe, Mbale, Mbarara, Lira, Arua, Gulu, Kabale, Kasese, Fort Portal, Moroto, Masaka and Jinja. Customers in areas out of these towns continue their high speed internet experience seamlessly with the MTN countrywide 3G+ network using the same 4G SIM card and device. Indoor

Super Speeds up to XMbps

The 4G SIM card upgrade guarantees positive customer experiences when using MTN data. 4G LTE technology has the potential to operate at speeds of up to 100 mbps, which is almost triple the speed of any existing mobile connection available commercially in Uganda, and the wider region.

Viewing or listening to content on an MTN 4G mobile phone or tablet means that you never have to endure a video skipping or buffering again. Mobile phones and tablets with MTN 4G are turbocharged with high download speeds and fast responsiveness, so you can stream high quality video or music. You will experience smooth, clear video chats and even browse the web, faster.

 Affordability from a variety of bundles 

With the new “Juzza Internet” proposition, MTN is rewarding customers for using MTN Internet bundles and thereby making it easier and more affordable for them to enjoy the benefits of the internet, without worrying about high costs. Every bundle one buys, one gets a 100% bonus. 

What are you waiting for? Break the internet already. MTN’s 4G bundle pricing is one of the most affordable in the market. (*refer to addendum for MTN internet bundles). In addition, MTN offers even more value through the very affordable snack and night bundles that enable customers to use exceptionally high volumes within a limited time, to satisfy that once in a while near unlimited or higher data need that would fall out of their regular usage. These are available for immediate purchase whenever you need them, using airtime, mobile money and the now popular ‘My MTN’ mobile money app available on Google Play store and Apple App store.


Once you sign-up for any of the MTN Data Bundles, you can set your account to auto-renew. That means that upon expiry of your data bundle from when you activated it, it will automatically be renewed.

The ‘My MTN’ App experience 

An app to manage both your MTN number and mobile money accounts online straight from your 4G smartphone. The My MTN App was developed by MTN to allow individuals and organizations to enhance their productivity through quicker and easier access to information. You will be able to renew your data, voice and Go bundles, pick contacts straight from your phone book for Mobile Money and schedule bill payments from using this app.

 MTN offers 4G devices for every lifestyle

From 99,000/- to more than 2,000,000/- you can get yourself any 4G enabled dongle, Wingle, MiFi , router for business or smartphone to enjoy and share the MTN 4G LTE experience

 It is possible 4G experience with others from your 4G device

The 4G speeds and experience can be shared with anyone who doesn’t have a 4G device through WiFi or USB tethering made possible with the latest 4G devices from MTN like smartphones, 10 User MiFis and the 4G WiFi dongle they refer to as the MTN Wingle. In business, time is money. Processors like the Snapdragon let you download your large presentation files at super-fast MTN 4G speeds, so you can spend less time waiting, and more time impressing your clients.

 A variety of 4G solutions for your businesses

From portable 10 user MiFis and Wingles, to robust and easy to install 32 user routers, MTN opens up a whole new world of solutions for businesses in the 4G era. With 4G it is now possible to replace your office with the cloud through high speed internet access to heavy data solutions like group email, backup services, online marketing, telepresence and business accounting tools.

 A robust backup infrastructure to keep you on

MTN’s sustained investment in network backup infrastructure ensures that their customers experience the best quality of calls and data, as indicated consistently in the Quality of Service (QoS) reports by Uganda Communication Commission (UCC). Due to the extensive infrastructure, MTN’s customers are guaranteed of reliability to always stay connected no matter the unforeseen challenges like fibre cuts, equipment theft and disasters

Crystal clear Internet calls

It’s almost as if the person you talk to is right next to you. Internet calls using MTN 4G are crystal clear and have no delays.

 Meet over the internet

From a simple hangout to skype video calls, you can be anywhere and on the move as you have a meeting. This is one of those experiences with MTN 4G that make life easier and more productive


Phaneroo To Celebrate Two Years Of Worship

Phaneroo, the biggest weekly Christian meeting in Uganda is to mark two years of a phenomenal existence with a two-day celebration from the 12th to 13th August 2016 at the Kampala Lugogo Hockey grounds. Phaneroo, which Greek word means 'to make manifest' is a fellowship gathering over four thousand men and women every Thursday 5-8pm at the MTN arena, Lugogo. 

‘Phaneroo is a force; an army; a model. It is not just one man. It is a people with a mandate, conviction and burden to see the testimony of the greatness of any child of God,’ says Apostle Grace Lubega, the Vision Bearer, ‘For this year’s celebrations, we are expectant; we believe to see a great manifestation of God’s power, an outpouring of his spirit and a radical transformation in the lives of multitudes.’

The anniversary celebrations will include a series of evangelism activities in and around Kampala for example the much anticipated “Yesu Yasasula campaign (Jesus Paid it all)” and massive street preaching. There will be a celebration service on 12th August. The celebrations will be crowned with a powerful healing service, the 'Healing Chronicles' on 13th August.

These anniversary celebrations are an indelible cornerstone of history; a critical building block on Phaneroo's eternal legacy.


South African Singing Group MiCasa Praises Sheraton Kampala Hotel

On Sunday afternoon the celebrated music group, MiCasa jetted into Uganda for their major act in Kampala at the recently concluded Blankets and Wines 13th Edition. The group that is well known for their hit songs “Tulale FoFoFo” and “Jika” checked into their rooms at Sheraton Kampala Hotel on Sunday night after their electric performance. 

While speaking to J’Something the lead singer of the group he remarked that he loved the weather in Uganda, the love from their fans, the beautiful ladies and enjoyed their stay at Sheraton Hotel. They loved the local food, amazing scenery of the city from the top of Sheraton Hotel. 

“We are very grateful to be in Uganda and we love the awesome treatment we have received from Sheraton Kampala Hotel and not forgetting the organizers of Blankets and Wines. We loved the energy and love our fans showed us. It was humbling and exciting to watch the crowd dance and sing along our songs. There is no better moment for any artist than seeing fans enjoying your music.” He commented. 

The house music band is made up of three adorable guys; J’Something, Mo-T and Dr. Duda who bring together different vibes to produce amazing music. The group has won several awards and most recently Best Dance album, Group of the year and Record of the year in the South African Music Awards among many others.

“We are very privileged to have hosted MiCasa at Sheraton and I am grateful to hear that they enjoyed themselves while at Sheraton. We take this as positive feedback and we shall continue to keep up the undisputable service. I also want to take this opportunity to thank the organizers – House of DJs, for choosing Sheraton to partner and host MiCasa.” Said Sheraton’s Public Relations Manager Ms. Jacqueline Nalubega. 

MiCasa promised to keep making good Music and also revealed that they are doing some collaborations with some Ugandan artists. They further confirmed that this is not the last time Uganda is seeing them but will be back soon.

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