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La Cabana Restaurant Goes For A Meaty Halloween

Halloween nights are nights of spooky adventure that must be experienced at least once in a lifetime. Halloween presents a once in a year opportunity to celebrate acceptable craziness and fun; an experimentation of a not ordinary living.

This year, Halloween will be celebrated on 31st October globally and in Uganda, various entertainment and hospitality centres have planned to give their customers an electrifying and scary experience.

La Cabana Restaurant located at Speke Apartments Wampewo is celebrating Halloween day with two meaty packages and spooktacular cocktails.

Iqramullah Liagath Ali, the Food and Beverage Manager at La Cabana Restaurant revealed that on that day, the restaurant will serve a Vampire Meat Platter, a wooden platter full of barbeque meats served with either French fries or potato wedges at Shs49, 000

Also, on the Halloween menu is The Monster Kuku, a barbequed whole roasted chicken served with either French fries or potato wedges at Shs49, 000. Also available is cocktail specials Singapore Ling or Blue Lagoon at Shs21, 000.

The following Sunday is the weekly Sunday Roast featuring David Olara, an Afro-jazz Saxophonist. Iqramullah revealed that they have cut the prices for the Sunday Roast to afford customers relish the most delicious kuku & sangrias.

“For Shs99,000, get a whole roasted kuku plus a pitcher of sangria & for Shs59,000, get a half-roasted kuku plus a glass of sangria each served with salad, chips & mashed potato,” Liagath said.

During the week, make your lunch plans with the best lunchtime special - get a free glass of sangria with every main course meal ordered every Monday to Thursday.

At La Cabana Restaurant, all Standard Operating Procedures are observed to prevent their guest from transmitting and contracting the coronavirus.

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Celebrate Halloween With Amazing Discounts At Speke Resort

Preparation for this year’s fun-filled Halloween also known as All Hallows' Day is in high gear at Speke Resort & Conference Centre in Munyonyo, a Kampala posh suburb.

The hotel owned by Speke Group of Hotels, a subsidiary of Ruparelia Group, has come up with various activities through the Halloween weekend and special discounts on accommodation.

Halloween is celebrated every year on 31st October and this year, it falls on a Saturday. Like in the previous years, Halloween at Speke Resort will cater to children and adult who will indulge in amazing fun activities.

This Halloween weekend at Speke Resort, enjoy Halloween moonlit BBQ at Marina Restaurant, bottomless bubbly brunch at Nyanja & Lake Terrace and a horror-themed menu dinner at Lake Terrace.

You will be entertained by some of Kampala’s top DJs, a live band, a haunted forest walk and a complimentary glass of bubbly wine. You also get to meet and interface with the grim reaper.

Children will enjoy the treasure hunt, a bonfire, trick or treat treasure hunt, scary movie night and face painting for the kids.

Ajit Singh, Rooms Division Manager, Speke Resort said customers will get a 50% discount on group booking for every four nights booked at the hotel.

Speke Resort offers you the ultimate in luxury accommodation and leisure facilities together with the finest conference and business meeting location in East Africa.

According to Wikipedia, Halloween begins the three-day observance of Allhallowtide, the time in the liturgical year dedicated to remembering the dead, including saints (hallows), martyrs, and all the faithful departed.

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Five Key Factors For A Future-Oriented Digital Transformation Of Electric Power Enterprises

At HUAWEI CONNECT 2020, IDC and Huawei jointly released the white paper for the electric power industry — Building the Future-Ready Power Enterprise: Road to a Successful Digital Transformation.

In the white paper, IDC proposed a methodology for the transformation of electric power enterprises. This methodology supports and aligns with Huawei's digital transformation methodology. IDC and Huawei follow a similar approach with frameworks and blueprints to help organizations design their digital transformation priorities and set their agenda, which in turn enables power enterprises to deliver the business value of scale.

Electric Power Enterprises Urgently Need New Operating Structures and Business Models

The power industry has long faced disruption. Power enterprises are now facing multiple changes. Management will need new operating structures and business models if power enterprises are to remain key players in the energy ecosystem. As 2020 progresses, COVID-19 has introduced another dimension of change and disruption that business leaders in the power industry must tackle.

Hou Jinming, Deputy Director of the Technology Department of the Global Energy Interconnection Development and Cooperation Organization (GEIDCO) said that, "As the advance of global energy reform and energy Internet development, the power sector will take an entirely different shape.

It will be decarbonized, digitized, and intelligent." The implications of the change will impact the management, operations, services, and transaction modes of the electric power industry. Power enterprises must reconsider who the customer is and who the competitor is, a new breed of stakeholders and participants, and how the energy ecosystem works. This will mean new customer engagements, new business models, new competitors, more stakeholders and increased risks.

Increasing renewables, emerging power consumption devices, multiplying power grid connections, and the integration of energy, information, and transportation networks require power enterprises to systematically improve their response capabilities and the intelligence of their management systems and business processes.

This will allow power enterprises to better adapt to complex environments, and enable power systems to operate more securely, adaptively, flexibly, and efficiently. Therefore, high operation data analysis efficiency, rapid and efficient artificial intelligence (AI) decision-making capability, and full-process automation will be crucial to the survival of power enterprises.

Methodology: Five Stages of Digital Transformation of Electric Power Enterprises

To build the future power enterprise, IDC proposes the digital transformation methodology for the electric power industry.

IDC's maturity model is part of its digital transformation methodology that seeks to provide a framework for companies to build their roadmaps. According to the maturity model, the digital transformation of electric power enterprises is divided into five phases: adhoc, opportunistic, repeatable, managed, and optimized.

The factors most critical to the success of power industry digital transformations are as followed: 1. A single enterprise digital strategy; 2. Resolution to make the required organizational and cultural changes; 3. A long-term investment commitment to digital transformation; 4. A platform-based strategy; 5. An enterprise-wide data governance model.

Emilie Ditton, AVP of the Energy and Manufacturing Insights Group, IDC Asia Pacific, believes that modernization, digitalization, and transformation of the grid are an immediate requirement. The transformed digital grid will combine traditional centralized generation, large-scale distributed generation, and renewables as well as enabling visualized management and control of the complex power grid environment. Grid operations will transform from digital grid operations to smart grid operations. New business models will be established, and the power service mode and power grid management mode will be changed.

Huawei: Reliable Partner for Digital Transformation

Collaborating with its enterprise partners, Huawei implements comprehensive awareness, interconnection, and intelligence of various power terminals by integrating 5G, IoT, optical, IP, cloud, big data, and AI technologies into the power system. Through digital transformation, Huawei is committed to assisting customers develop coping strategies in dealing with industry challenges and seizing future opportunities.

Lu Yongping, Vice President of the Global Energy Business Dept of Huawei Enterprise Business Group, stated that Huawei is a reliable partner for digital transformation. Huawei will facilitate digital transformation of electric power enterprises through a variety of methods, including assisting in the understanding of their own status quo, the market, and the entire industry ecosystem.

Based on extensive digital transformation practices in the energy industry, Huawei has developed an energy ring — '1-2-3-2-1' — a digital transformation framework applicable to the energy industry, in aiding electric power enterprises realize the vision of their digital transformation goals.

Adhere to one transformation vision: Electric power enterprises should interpret 'digital transformation' as a corporate-level transformation strategy and an indispensable element of their overall strategy.

Create two assurance conditions: Develop data literacy levels of enterprises and employees, progress the cultivation of a digital and transformation culture, and build a talent team for digital transformation, supporting enterprises' digital transformation objectives.

Implement three key processes: Implement integrated management of planning, construction, and operations and ensure that digital transformation is progressing as outlined, so that an organization's transformation vision can be converted into enterprise value.

Build two core driving forces: Follow service and technology trends and seize opportunities in the future.

Build one basic platform: Build a fully connected digital platform to provide solid foundations for the digital transformation of businesses.

Huawei's digital transformation methodology is similar to that of IDC, and they complement each other. Both parties believe that digital transformation steps and frameworks need to be planned and established to help electric power enterprises design their digital transformation priorities and set their agenda, which will enable power enterprises to deliver business value of scale.

Hu Hao, Chief Digital Transformation Officer of the Global Electric Power Industry of Huawei Enterprise BG, pointed out that the global energy industry is facing transformation. The traditional energy consumption structure centered on primary energy is gradually transforming to a new structure centered on secondary energy such as PV and wind power. This will drive the industry evolving towards decarbonized, clean, electrified, and distributed. During the transformation, Huawei will help power enterprises optimize management processes, reduce production costs, improve operation security, and innovate business models. It will also help enterprise customers accelerate digital transformation to achieve the goal of building an intelligent energy system that features multi-energy synergy, ubiquitous connectivity, and intelligent interaction.

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Entries’ Submission For 2020 Digital Impact Awards Africa Kick Off

HiPipo; the organizers of the annual Digital Impact Awards Africa have started receiving entries for the 2020 Digital Impact Awards Africa (#DIAA2020).  Digital Impact Awards Africa is Africa’s most important gathering of C-Level Executives, and senior Digital and IT executives.

The kick-off of the entries’ submission marks the start of a comprehensive entry submission and validation process that will run until 2nd November 2020. This will be followed by the release of nominations and public voting.

The #DIAA2020 grand finale is slated for the afternoon of Thursday 26th November. It will be preceded by the annual Include Everyone Summit (aka Digital and Financial Inclusion Summit) on the same day.

#DIAA2020 grand finale is scheduled for 26th November 2020 at the Kampala Sheraton Hotel. The awards gala will be the climax of the Include Everyone - Digital and Financial Inclusion Summit that will happen on the same day. This summit will explore the strategic trends and technologies that are shaping the future of Digital, IT and business. The summit theme will be “Collaboration To Advance Safety and Security Towards Sustainable Financial Inclusion”.

Digital Impact Awards Africa is a platform that promotes Digital Inclusion, Financial Inclusion and Cybersecurity. Precisely; the Awards seek to recognize, celebrate and appreciate different individuals and organizations that are spearheading the use of digital mediums to better serve their communities.

All qualifying organisations and projects are called upon to submit their entries ahead of the entry closure date of 2nd November 2020.



  1. Africa (KENYA) Outstanding Contribution to Financial Inclusion
  2. Africa (TANZANIA) Outstanding Contribution to Financial Inclusion
  3. Africa (RWANDA) Outstanding Contribution to Financial Inclusion
  4. Africa (ETHIOPIA) Outstanding Contribution to Financial Inclusion
  5. Africa (BURUNDI) Outstanding Contribution to Financial Inclusion
  6. Africa Best Fintech Innovation
  7. Africa Best Smart Device Initiative
  8. Africa Best Internet Access Initiative
  9. Africa Best Mobile Innovation for Health
  10. Africa Best Mobile Innovation for Agriculture
  11. Africa Best Mobile Innovation for Education
  12. Africa Best Mobile Innovation for Banking
  13. Africa WomenInFintech – Leadership Award (Personality)
  14. Africa Financial Inclusion – Medal of Honor (Personality)
  15. Africa Best Digital Response to Covid Impact (Community Support)
  16. Africa Best Digital Response to Covid Impact (Consumer Product and Services)
  17. Africa Best Digital Response to Covid Impact (Financial Inclusion Services)


  1. Financial Inclusion Excellence - Diamond (Corporate 10+ Years)
  2. Financial Inclusion Excellence -Platinum (Corporate 6-9 Years)
  3. Fintech Outstanding Contribution (40Days40Fintechs) - Gold (SME- 10+ Years)
  4. Fintech Outstanding Contribution (40Days40Fintechs) - Silver (SME - 6-9 Years)
  5. Fintech Outstanding Contribution (40Days40Fintechs) - Bronze (SME -2-5 Years)
  6. Women Financial Inclusion Outstanding Contribution (Saving and Lending)
  7. Women Financial Inclusion Outstanding Contribution (Payments)
  8. Women Financial Inclusion Outstanding Contribution (Insurance)
  9. Digital Banking Excellence (Online/Web, Mobile, Social Banking)
  10. E-Commerce Excellence
  11. Agriculture Digitization Excellence (Financial Services)
  12. Agriculture Digitization Excellence (E-commerce)
  13. Green Energy Excellence Powered by Financial Inclusion.
  14. Best Digital Customer Experience (Financial Services, Telecom, IT)
  15. Best Digital Customer Experience (Utilities and Government Services)
  16. Best Brand on Social Media (Financial Services, Telecom, IT)
  17. Best Brand on Social Media (Consumer Goods)
  18. Best Brand on Social Media (Utilities, Government Services)
  19. Best Digital Powered Campaign
  20. Best Mobile Payments (Innovation)
  21. Best Cards Payments (Innovation)
  22. Best Community Banking
  23. Best Digital Awareness Initiative (Financial Literacy, Cybersecurity)
  24. Best Digital Embrace (Non-Consumer Facing Brand)
  25. Digital Brand of the Year


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