Youth Participation Key In A Green Environmentally Developed Uganda

It is a well-known fact that the youth of any country is a great asset. They are indeed the future of the country and represent it at every level. The role of youths in Uganda is more important than we might think. The intelligence and work of the youth will take the country on the pathway of success. As every citizen is equally responsible, the youth is too. It is time we accept that the youth are the building blocks of a country.

The young people are important because they are the present and shape the future. Today they might be our partners, tomorrow they will go on to become leaders. Considering their very energetic and enthusiastic spirits, ability to learn and adapt to the environment and willingness to learn and act on it, Uganda as a country requires young people participation to achieve the goals and help in taking the country towards progress.

That said therefore, I urge the government of Uganda to introduce programs that will engage the young people in fighting off issues like unemployment, poor education institutes and more to help them prosper without any hindrance.

Similarly, all leaders in government, church and cultural institutions must make sure to encourage our youth to do better in every field. We all must make sure that they should be given the wind beneath their wings to fly high instead of bringing them down by tying chains to their wings.

This can be achieved from school setting by encourage debates and discussions in higher institutions of learning on any policies to be passed to gather their views on such policy benefits and dangers. Invite student leaders and representatives in debates of national importance.

As a country, it is the perfect time we believe that young people are social actors with skills and capacities to bring about constructive resolutions to their own problems. Too often, though, there is a failure or even a refusal to recognize the benefits of youth participation in the legitimacy of young people’s contributions to programs, policies and decision-making.

Much of government policy has a direct or indirect impact on young people, yet it is developed and delivered largely in ignorance of how it will affect their day-today lives or their present and future well-being.

One example of the disconnection between policy adoption and application relates to education. Most Governments are concerned about improving young people’s educational experience, yet very few take any measures to find out from students themselves which teaching methods work, whether the curriculum is relevant, what factors contribute to school dropout rates and truancy, how to improve attendance rates, what is needed to promote better inclusion of girls, or how to enhance good behavior and promote effective discipline.

It is obvious that schools in which democratic environments are introduced are likely to have a more harmonious atmosphere, better staff-student relationships and a more effective learning environment. Furthermore, equal opportunities must be provided for all irrespective of gender, race, religion and more.

There are various issues of nepotism and favoritism that is eating away the actual talent of the country. This must be done away with as soon as possible. We must make sure that every youth has the chance to prove themselves worthy and that must be offered equally to all.

As we near our general elections, citizens should know that young people has the power to build Uganda so they must be given the opportunity. They are the future and they have the perspective which the older generations lack. Their zeal and enthusiasm must be channelized properly to help Uganda prosper and flourish.

Support them to occupy political positions rather than fighting them. Participation is a fundamental human right. All people, including the young, have a right to express their views on decisions directly affecting their lives.

Whether it is an issue relating to rules imposed at school, legislation, representation of young people in the media, or priorities in public expenditure, youth are entitled to articulate their concerns, participate in the development of policy and have their opinions given serious consideration.

Participation represents a means for young people to advocate for themselves and transform their situations. For Uganda to become a green community, youth participation is key.

Aryampa Brighton, director Youth for Green Communities (YGC) a charitable organization based in Kampala.
Emaiol: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

AKSA Power Generation Is growing Rapidly In African Market

Aksa Power Generation is a part of Kazancı Holding who is the leading group in energy industry. Aksa is operating in manufacturing, technology development, marketing, and distribution fields in power generation and energy systems. Aksa is selling diesel generators, portable generators, marine generators, natural gas generators, control panels, sound proofed canopies and lighting towers to 173 countries. The production zones are located in Turkey, China (The biggest gen-sets production plant of the world) and USA. Aksa has also recently opened its trade center in the Netherlands.

Aksa has 8 offices in Africa, from North (Algeria Office) to South (South Africa Office). Aksa increases its sales forcely by focusing on new countries which are high potential and readiness for investment. Currently, new offices Kenya and Sudan have just opened, Senegal Office will be soon.

R&D facilities are located in Istanbul-Turkey and Changzhou-China by employing the highest calibre engineers and developing hardware and software solutions to provide world-class high-quality products. Being an expert in synchronised projects, Aksa's R&D team is the first in Turkey to develop proprietary product designs and Aksa is one of the first natural gas generator manufacturers in the world. Aksa meets the power requirements periodically and continuously, meanwhile providing its clients with the Remote Monitoring System which provides technical control and monitoring of the generators from anywhere in the world.

In addition to standard product range; Aksa also manufactures tailor-made products which can ensure the specific requirements of customers. The key element of Aksa's marketing strategy is to create value with high-quality, energy-efficient, low noise level and low emmission products including features which offer maximum benefits to customers with internationally competitive prices, fair payment terms and short delivery times.

Aksa Power Generation is Turkey's market leader and one of the Top-5 gen-set manufacturers in the world. Aksa positions customer satisfaction at the top of all its corporate values by making new investments in line with the goal of being one of the Top-3 gen-set manufacturers in the world by 2025. In this manner, Aksa is going to take a big portion from the African market and has a expressive market share in a short term with its long-term & strong partners. Aksa has a good reputation, brand value in diesel gen-sets markets and finished lots of significant success stories in Africa.

Govts Urged By Renewables Players To Align Recovery Measures With Paris Agreement

Eight months after calling for action in response to COVID-19, the IRENA Coalition for Action urges governments worldwide to step-up their efforts towards a green recovery. While some countries have put forward measures to support renewables and even announced more ambitious climate commitments, many others have yet to take decisive action to move towards a green post-COVID recovery.

The unprecedented financial stimulus packages put forward today will steer economies and societies for decades to come. To date, G20 countries have committed at least USD 233 billion in supporting the fossil fuel sector and fossil fuel-dependent industries, mostly without conditions to improve environmental sustainability.

By redirecting investments towards renewables, energy efficiency and other enabling technologies and infrastructure, governments can generate immediate GDP and employment gains and set the course for a climate-safe economic recovery in line with the objectives of the Paris Agreement.

The renewables sector has demonstrated it can rapidly roll out clean, uninterrupted, costeffective energy services, including for remote and vulnerable communities. During the COVID-19 pandemic, renewables have shown greater resilience than other energy sectors and have thus far continued growing in terms of power generation capacity.

Governments worldwide are mobilising resources to fight the virus, protect livelihoods and keep economies afloat. As they turn their attention towards longer-term recovery strategies, they must continuously re-assess whether their stimulus measures are fit for purpose. Any slowdown in investment, or a lack of ambition to increase investment, in renewable energy will leave the world dependent on fossil fuels, at a time when what is needed is a significant acceleration of the energy transition.

Coalition members urge governments to deliver on the following six actions:

  1. Re-evaluate stimulus measures and correct course to ensure a green recovery in line with global climate objectives.
  2. Raise policy ambitions and clarify long-term plans for renewable generation and consumption, both centralised and decentralised.
  3. Ensure energy markets can deliver continuity and stimulate investment and growth in renewables.
  4. 4.Prioritise renewable energy as a key component of industrial policies.
  5. Align labour and education policies with a just energy transition.
  6. Intensify international co-operation and action on COVID-19 while recognising renewable energy as a key part of the solution.


Experience Peaceful Nights, Beautiful Mornings At Speke Resort

The New Year and fresh start we’re all anticipating make January a good time to take a much-needed vacation. But with the travel restrictions and the COVID19 risks that come with international travel, vacationing domestically is ideal.

The COVID19 pandemic, despite hitting the tourism and hospitality sectors hard, has paved way for the growth of domestic tourism. Instead of Ugandans flying out of the country to destinations like Dubai, they’re discovering and appreciating Uganda.

Service providers like hotel and resorts, tour and safari companies, transport companies and others are now coming up with destination packages that are affordable to attract local tourists. 

Speke Resort & Conference Centre, located at the shores of Lake Victoria in Munyonyo, is taking a lead in promoting domestic tourism by coming up with discounted packages targeting the local market.

This January, they have rolled out what they have called January Getaway package. With this package, you can experience peaceful nights and beautiful mornings filled with pampering and care courtesy of Speke Resort.

January is the perfect time to have a blissful getaway with your loved ones. Soak yourself in Speke Resort’s Olympic size swimming pool as you sip on a cocktail of your choice.

You also get to feel the tropical breeze as you experience fine dining at its best. Share the love of food with family and friends as you enjoy culinary dishes prepared just for you.

The January Getaway at Speke Resort is designed for the ultimate vacation; the Resort is ready to welcome you back as they continue to strictly adhere to all safety guidelines for your peace of mind. It is a tropical escape everyone is looking for.

Speke Resort offers you the ultimate in luxury accommodation and leisure facilities together with the finest conference and business meeting location in East Africa.

As a guest, you may enjoy the use of the Olympic size pool, gymnasium and sports facilities, equestrian centre and 5-star restaurants. For those on business visits the Resort has a fully equipped business centre and 10 flexible fully equipped and staffed conference and meeting rooms.

Speke Resort is the ideal location for your wedding or banquet, either outside (in one of our marquees) or in one of the banqueting halls.

The luxury resort offers you a choice of luxury accommodation to suite individuals, couples, families or groups on either long or short stay.

There are cottages, one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments or studio rooms. All guests can, of course, make use of the resort facilities including the swimming pool, equestrian centre, business centre, boat hire etc.

How About A Business Lunch At La Cabana Restaurant This January ?

A business lunch meeting can make or break your reputation as a professional or business person, depending on how you handle yourself and what you discuss. It’s not just a time to indulge in good food and get merry on the company’s expense. 

Instead, it’s a way to get to know a colleague or business partner in a less formal setting, while still delving into the business matters that you wish to discuss. This meeting means far more than a free lunch.

Business lunches are important for corporate networking, hammering out business details in a social setting and meeting prospective clients therefore your etiquette is of utmost importance to your image & that of your company.

If you’re hosting the corporate lunch, it’s essential to pick a location that’s convenient for your client or colleague - it may be a good idea to ask them what’s convenient for them.

In Kampala, there are not many places suitable for a business lunch meeting like La Cabana Restaurant located at Speke Apartments on Wampewo Avenue in Kololo (opposite Hotel Africana).

Apart from being centrally located and classy, La Cabana Restaurant has a tailor-made business lunch package on Mondays and Tuesday. On these two days, you can conveniently schedule business meetings with your team, clients and colleague as you enjoy a three-course meal.

La Cabana Restaurant, Kampala’s premium and ritzy churrasco grill restaurant in Uganda, business lunch is served fromo11:00 am to 3:00 pm. The three-course meal - soup, main course and dessert – comes with a cold drink or water at an affordable Shs45, 000 per person.

While at La Cabana Restaurant, you can have the Brazilian Churrasco experience where you are grilled meats, choose the Chinese or Indian menu or the continental cuisines. This is supplemented by excellent staff who are committed to make you comfortable and enjoy the moment.

Forest Cottages: The Perfect Group Getaway Destination In Kampala

The coronavirus (COVID19) pandemic has confirmed us in our homes and towns. The devastating virus has ensured that we cannot freely cross national borders let alone leave our cities for travel adventures.

The virus has battered the global tourism industry hard; tourists can barely leave their home towns to tour the world. Those that are doing it are bravely embracing the risk of contracting and spreading the killer virus.

In Uganda, a year of dipped arrival of foreign tourists and restricted movement of Ugandans has promoted domestic tourism – now, instead of Ugandans traveling to destinations like Dubai, they’re touring domestically.

This has been good business for local destinations and service providers who are now designing travel and getaway packages for local tourists – a blessing in disguise.

One such demand-driven and tailor-made domestic tourism package is the Group Getaway being offered by Forest Cottages, a hotel located on Naguru Hill, Old Kira Road (Bukoto). It’s part of the Speke Group of Hotels.

With just Shs3.5m, you can have a full package which goes with breakfast, lunch buffet, barbeque dinner and nonstop fan. The package comes with ten rooms for twenty people – it can be family, friends or workmates.

Forest Cottages is a designed luxury cottages hotel set in a serene forest environment. The accommodation facilities at the Cottages are carefully landscaped, huge, made in indigenous material.

The expansive Cottages offer customers comfort and entertainment away from their homes.

Forest Cottages has a swimming pool, health club facilities, conference facilities, restaurants and tour services. The natural rooms have WiFi, telephones and locally made furniture.

The artistic hotel provides a small sanctuary for forest wildlife such as colored turacoes, hornbills, and an additional 20 bird species. The secluded hotel offers peace and quietness in a natural green setting or the excitement of waking up to hummingbirds.

All this beauty is topped up friendly and courteous and professional staff members.

Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary Baby Rhino Named Rae Ruparelia

The government has been asked to start up tourism courses in schools at an early stage in the school’s curriculum so that the next generation of Ugandans can learn the value of the country’s tourism sector and potential.

The call was made by Rajiv Ruparelia, a trustee of Ruparelia Foundation and managing director of Ruparelia Group during the naming ceremony of a rhino calf adopted by the Foundation at Rhino Fund Uganda sanctuary in Nakasongola district.

The businessman also revealed that the Foundation has been able to pay $5000 to Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary to acquire the naming rights for the baby rhino. The baby Rhino was named after Rae Ruparelia.

The tourism sector has become Uganda’s income generator bringing into the country colossal sums of dollars in revenues. Therefore incorporating in the education system is looked at by stakeholders as a game-changer and enabler.

Rajiv said that starting next year Ruparelia Foundation will embark on networking Uganda’s tourism assets to the international community with the view of making the country a hotspot for tourism activities. 

Angie Genade the Executive Director Rhino Fund Uganda said the fund is grateful for the Ruparelia Foundation for partnering and naming the baby rhino.

Genade adds that she wants the partnership to grow and Ruparelia Foundation to become the ambassadors of the rhino program.

Ruparelia Family To Name Adopted Baby Rhino At Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

Ruparelia Foundation says it is excited to have been given an opportunity to adopt the new baby rhino born at Ziwa Sanctuary in Nakasongola district.

Naiya K Ruparelia, one of the directors of Ruparelia Group, says the naming of the baby rhino will be on December 17th 2020.

“We are very excited about the birth of this new rhino, we have been thinking long and hard about the name we are going to name this new creature .This is a very happy Christmas for us,”

Naiya explains that Uganda is a very wonderful place with diverse range of wild life animals in beautiful surrounding adding that Ruparelia Foundation is excited to be part of this conservation part.

She also thanked the Rhino Fund Uganda for the great work they are doing to protect and conserve the rhinos which are endangered species.

The baby rhino brings the total number to 34 white rhinos at the sanctuary. Sudhir has unrelentingly showed his passion for wildlife in his philanthropic activities.

The tycoon also funds another baby chimpanzee at Ngamba Island the sanctuary for abandoned or orphaned chimpanzees.

Speke Apartments Wampewo Offering Bargain Home Away From Home Christmas Packages

The festive season comes with a number of perks some of which is the desire to spend on leisure and luxury to rejuvenate your body, mind and soul. With reduced work responsibilities, the festive season gives you a chance to rethink your life while having fun vacationing or holidaying with family and friends.

While doing so, in this fast-paced world we live, you might also need to stay in touch with the things that matter to you like work, family, business and relationships, therefore, you need to choose your getaway destination wisely. In Kampala, destinations that give you a complete package don’t come much better than Speke Apartments Wampewo.

Speke Apartments Wampewo, which is part of Speke Group of Hotels, is the largest and most luxurious apartments in Uganda. It is made of a mix of modern contemporary surroundings and a relaxing, laid-back environment. It is taunted as the finest choice for both business and pleasure accommodation.

Speke Apartments Wampewo, located at Wampewo Avenue just after Hotel Africana in Kololo, specialise in self-catering apartments for corporate, leisure and family travellers in Kampala for short or long term lets.

And this festive season, Speke Apartments Wampewo has come with a discounted promotion that is running until 31st December 2020. Guests will be able to pay in US dollars or Ugandan shillings.

To stay in the one-bedroom apartment, guests will have to part with $150 or Shs550, 000 per night and ($220 or Shs850, 000 for the two-bedroom apartment. For the three-bedroom apartment customers will pay $290 or Shs1, 100, 000, for the penthouse it will cost them $413 or Shs1, 500, 000 and ($240 or Shs900, 000 for the three-bedroom villas

These festive season rates, coming with breakfast and a welcome bottle of wine, are valid until 31st December 2020. The prices are taxi inclusive.

Speke Apartments Wampewo apartments are made with a fully furnished & equipped kitchen, housekeeping services, laundry services for in house guests, secured parking & 24-hour security, swimming pool, gym, jacuzzi, sauna & steam bath, wi-fi and internet.  

Other amenities include air conditioning, satellite TV, telephone service, outdoor balcony, separate dining area, smoking & non-smoking room, 24-hours electricity and 24-hours hot & cold water.

Speke Apartments Wampewo combines a great location with a secure, quiet, clean, serviced apartment accommodation spread out over five floors. “Our two and three-bedroom apartments balance the style and hospitality of an intimate hotel with the space and comfort of fully appointed luxury rooms,” management said in a review.

Whether your stay is for business or pleasure, these fully furnished apartments have all you could possibly need in modern accommodation in Kampala.

Speke Apartments Wampewo is home to La Cabana Restaurant, a sedate restaurant that offers a distinguished and refined continental, Indian, Chinese and Brazilian dishes; Calabash Spa & Salon that offers an ambience for guests who wish to restore the body, mind and spirit; and The Gym fitted with world-renowned Techno Gym Equipment, with over 100 Cardio machines, 70 Weight machines, open space with a range of weights for functional and strength building.


Speke Resort Launches 12 Days Of Christmas

Speke Resort and Conference Centre has launched a festive season promotion dubbed '12 Days Of Christmas' that will see the five-star Resort offer amazing deals for end of year events, functions and parties.

“We're so in the mood for Christmas and believe that a good conscience is a continual Christmas. At Speke Resort Munyonyo, we have brought loads of activities every day for everyone” said Akhilesh Malik, a manager at the Resort.

The 12 Days Of Christmas promo commences on 24th December and runs up to 4th January 2021. Malik said they are bringing their customers a Christmas to remember with unlimited fun, lots of activities at unbeatable prices.

On 24th December, guests will be treated to a sumptuous Christmas Eve dinner, kids movie night, carols and live entertainment while on 25th December, they will enjoy Christmas day lunch, kids activities & live entertainment.

On boxing day, 26th December, guests will be treated to a bottomless bubbly brunch, kids movie night & live entertainment while on 27th December, it will be the chef's year-end special roast & live entertainment; on 28th December, it will be an all-day-long happy hour.

As the year inches close to ending, on 29th December, the Resort will serve cocktail bar sundowners on the lawns, kids activities & live entertainment while on 30th December, it will be a night of drumming bye-bye to 2020

The Resort, on 31st December, will serve the chef's special New Year's Eve dinner & live entertainment and on 1st January 2021, guests will be treated to New Year's brunch, kids movie night & live entertainment.

The promotion extends deep into the first week of 2021 – on 2nd January, it will be a family movie night, 3rd January, it will be Sunday family roast and 4th January, it will be family drumming evening.

Speke Resort has over the years become the destination of choice during the festive season offering a number of fun activities for both children and adults and affordable promotions on food and drinks and accommodation.  

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