LIES DETECTED: When Cosase Put dfcu’s Juma Kisaame On Oath

Juma Kisaame being put on oath before COSASE Juma Kisaame being put on oath before COSASE

The parliamentary committee on Commissions, Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises (COSASE) was in no mood to entertainment falsehood when former dfcu managing director Juma Kisaame made an appearance mid-week.

On detecting that the former dfcu boss was not being sincere, COSASE put Kisaame on oath for fear that he was giving false information regarding the Purchase of Assets and Liabilities Agreement of Crane Bank.

COSASE tasked Dfcu officials to explain how much the Bank actually paid in the purchase agreement of Crane Bank. However, Kisaame continuously dodged the question prompting the committee to lose its patience and subject him to an oath.

Any contradiction could see Kisaame locked up in the coolers in the probe that is still ongoing. Earlier, COSASE had put former dfcu Chief of Business and Executive Director William Ssekabembe on oath for equally giving false information to the committee.

It was basically a bad day for dfcu officials at parliament. Dr William Kalema, former executive director with DFCU bank was almost locked up at Parliament after he angrily responded to some of the questions put forward by MPs on the Committee.

Trouble started when Kalema was asked to explain his role in the closure of some banks since he was a former board member of the central bank. “In an angry tone, Kalema said he did not know what the MPs were talking about,” NilePost reported.

To disapprove him and bare naked his lies, Odonga Otto, the Aruu county MP tabled evidence particularly his role in the closure of Cooperative Bank. At this point, Kalema lost his cool, before apologizing later.

DFCU Bank, according to PMLDaily.Com, is in the eye of the storm following its controversial purchase of Crane Bank Ltd for a paltry Shs 200 billion. In its defense, dfcu says they had no interest in buying Crane Bank but were coerced to do so by Justine Bagyenda, the former supervision director at Bank of Uganda. 

Also the meeting between top officials of dfcu Bank and COSASE turned dramatic when the officials contradicted each other on circumstances surrounding the takeover of Crane Bank Ltd.

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