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Rajiv Elected Chair Of Central Motor Club Board Of Trustees

The Central Motor Club has elected the new leadership during its annual general meeting held on Saturday at Kabira country club.

The Club also elected Rajiv Ruparelia as the new chairperson board of trustees. Shaym Kotecha is now the new club chairperson deputized by Kaketto sayid.

Other members on the board of trustees include Christakis Fitidis as vice chairperson, Nelson Walusimbi in the capacity of treasurer among others.

Rajiv is optimistic that once members will continue with the spirit of raising adequate resources for the club.

Shaym Kotecha noted that one of his major focuses in office will be promoting gender balanced sport and growing the sport in a more organised structural manner.

During the meeting, a total of Shs102 million has been raised by members to support the activities of the club.

Deedan Joins Sanyu FM From Radio City

Diana “Deedan” Muyira has joined 88.2 Sanyu FM from Radio City. She was unveiled by the Ruparelia Group owned radio station on Thursday.

She will be joining Yvonne Koreta and Patrick Salvado on the new Sanyu Breakfast Club to be launched next week.

“I cannot believe the daughter of @97fmRadiocity is now old enough to leave home and start her journey in another home!” she tweeted on Thursday. “I will forever be grateful," adding “@882SanyuFM thank you for welcoming me.”

Deedan is a Ugandan radio host, popular Mc and actress known for playing the role of Tracy Kintu in Nana Kagga’s Beneath The Lies, PML Daily wrote about her.

Deedan joins Yvone Koreta who Sanyu recruited from Next Radio. They become part of the targeted recruitment drive the radio station is undertaking to the cement their position as the best urban radio station in the country.

The station management says the reformation of the station will see an addition of more exciting presenters with more exciting personalities and rebranding some of the shows to give fresh experience.

Sanyu FM Hires Radio Veteran Yvonne Koreta

The rebuilding of 88.2 Sanyu FM on-air talent continues to attract some of the country best talent in the radio business. The latest recruit being Yvonne Koreta.

Koreta who has been working as deputy station controller at Next Radio. The addition of experienced Koreta confirms Sanyu’s commitment to cement that radio stations position at the best in the country.

Koreta brings to Sanyu a wealth of experience having worked with various radio stations in Uganda. She will be hosting the much hyped Sanyu FM breakfast Show with Patrick Idringi aka Salvado.

Sanyu FM, which recently commenced a targeted recruitment drive to bring the best talent to the station, recently concluded a talent search competition where Ethan Kavuma aka Eth Lawinsky emerged winner.

It is believed that in an attempt to live by its tagline of Today’s Best Music, Sanyu FM is planning to bring more new star presenters. It has already brought in former employee Roger Mugisha as the Production Director.

Ethan Kavuma Wins Sanyu FM Hot Mic Talent Search

The 88.2 Sanyu FM talent search codenamed Sanyu FM Hot Mic Search came to a blissful end on Friday with Rajiv Ruparelia, the station’s managing director, announcing Ethan Kavuma as the winner at an event which took place at Crane Chambers in Kampala.

Kavuma beat ten other finalists to clinch the top spot. He, in turn, won Shs3m and a job contract to work with Sanyu FM. The second runners up Timothy Code and first runner up Philo Mena will also get jobs at the radio station.

“This is the start of the journey of your passion; follow your dreams. You all have amazing traits individually and I would advise you to pursue your dreams. This is what you love to do,” Rajiv said.

“I always tell people that we are all the same. We are born with nothing and you work on your talent, you have to manage your talent. One of the greatest traits around me is to have good people,” he added.

“I would like to give three of you an opportunity to work with Sanyu Fm. It will depend on how determined you’re going to be and how much you are going to learn,”

“The day you stop learning is the day you will knockdown. Working with Sanyu FM is going to be tiresome and will need a lot of commitment but I want to see the best out of you,” Rajiv counselled.

Kavuma, an upcoming RnB artist said: “I am so excited. I didn’t see this coming. I am very happy to be part of a new generation at Sanyu FM. There is going to be a lot that I am going to bring to Sanyu FM and you guys are going to be excited,”

The talent search dubbed “Hot Mic Search” was launched last month and attracted over 1500 entries. The entries were later reduced to 50 contestants, then 20 and later the final 10 whose performance was judged by a judges’ panel of Chris Ireland, Don Miles and Roger Mugisha.

Each candidate was given a chance to showcase skills in lone presentation, co-presentation and topical discussions. The judges chose the topics from both local and international current affairs. Kavuma emerged the best.

Roger Mugisha the new program’s director at Sanyu FM says the radio management realized the need to mentor potential candidates for radio in an era where presenters seem to be recycled from one station to another.

Mugisha explained that young people are not mentored to take over from those that have been in the industry for so long. Sanyu FM was founded in 1993, becoming the first private FM radio station in Uganda.

Sanyu FM Unveils ‘Hot Mic’ Top 20 Contestants

The management of 88.2 Sanyu FM yesterday unveiled the top 20 contestants in the ongoing Sanyu FM Hot Mic talent search. The 20 were selected from 50 contestants who had made the semifinals.

The Sanyu FM Programs Director Roger Mugisha unveiled the top 20 contestants to the media at Crane Chambers rooftop. The contestants have been undergoing training and mentorship.

Mugisha says the radio management realized the need to mentor potential candidates for radio in an era where presenters seem to be recycled from one station to another.

Mugisha explained that young people are not mentored to take over from those that have been in the industry for so long.

In a bid to scoop some of the raw, undiscovered talent in the country, Sanyu FM are on a talent searching contest dubbed Hot Mic to get the best 10 next radio presenters.

The winner of ‘Hot mic search will take home cash prize worth Shs3 million as well as a presenter job on a two-year contract offer. Sanyu FM Hot Mic search goes to top 20.

Sanyu FM Rewards Employee Who Walked To Work During Lockdown With Motorcycle

Loyalty is a key aspect in life and Steven Kyaka, the traffic controller at 88.2 Sanyu FM, exhibited just that when he trekked over 20km daily, from Bulobo to come to Kampala city centre, to report for work at the radio station for three months.

And for his loyalty, Kyaka has been rewarded with a brand-new motorcycle Bajaj Boxer by Sanyu FM Managing Director Rajiv Ruparelia. Rajiv praised and commended Kyaka for his commitment and passion for his job.

“From the time I heard the story of Steven Kyaka, Head of traffic at 88.2 Sanyu FM walking from Buloba to Kampala every day. We knew as “Sanyu” (happiness), we had to put a smile on his face & today we gifted a brand-new bike to him to assist with his travels,” Rajiv said.

The station's Chief operations officer Betsy Mugamba handed over the motorcycle and its documentation to Kyaka. She noted that he has been working at the station for the last seven years.

“He stood out because during COVID time when we were all under lockdown, Kyaka decided to walk to work every morning” Mrs Mugamba said.

“He does not live in Bukoto, Nalya or Kololo; he lives in Buloba. It’s quite far from his workstation but he walked from Buloba to Kampala for 3 months”.

Kyaka in his remarks said the respect for his work acted as a driving force to walk from home to work every day.

“I felt so bad about the presidential directives on COVID 19 which included curfew and suspension of public transport.

From then I knew keeping a job would be ‘survival for the fittest because I stay very far in Buloba, no way the staff van could come to pick and drop me,” he said.

“I was advised by management to stay home until the lockdown is lifted but I had to be around with the aim of delivering positive results and keeping my job. I decided to walk to work”.

Sanyu FM Unveils Hot Mic Search Top 50 Semi Finalists

Uganda’s leading English-speaking radio station 88.2 Sanyu FM has today unveiled the top 50 semifinalists in the ongoing Sanyu FM Hot Mic Search.

The new Sanyu FM Programs Director Roger Mugisha revealed that the search returned over 1300 entries which have now been reduced to top 50. From this stage onwards will select the top 20 and then final 10, Mugisha said.

 Mugisha explained that contestants will now be required to use their social media platforms to promote Sanyu FM. “The number of likes contributes 60% of their total votes while 40% is from our judges”.

“Everyone will be assigned a number; we will know you as ABC No 49” Mugisha told the contestants. Go tell your friends to tell their friends to support you on our pages. we have between now and 15 July'”.

He explained that the talent search is free of charge and that thus no one should approach them for a bribe to help them reach the final stage.

The winner of ‘Hot mic search will take home cash prize worth Shs3 million as well as a presenter job with a two-year contract offer.

Fresh Kid, Felista Gifted With Gadgets To Study Online

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, education and learning must continue. And for that matter, schools and parents are devising ways to help teaching and learning continue.

The ministry of education and sports and other stakeholders in the education system have encouraged schools, parents and students to embrace technology in order to ensure that learning continues until it is safe to return to school classrooms.

Schools like Kampala Parents School are leading the way in providing their pupils' online classes using online platforms like Zoom. The school has also partnered with television stations to deliver lessons to their pupils.

But while online education is proving to be a success especially in urban centres that have reliable internet connections, many parents have cited the lack of gadgets like mobile handsets and television as a hindrance.

Some of the pupils who have been affected by the lack of gadgets to undertake online lessons are rappers Fresh Kid, real names Patrick Senyonjo, and Felista Da Rapper, real names Faith Nanyanzi, who were recently given scholarships to study at Kampala Parents School.

Today, Rajiv Ruparelia, the managing director of Kampala Parents donated two tablets to Fresh Kid and Felista to help them their classes. Rajiv said they have done this as an example to encourage parents to embrace technology.

“We believe this can be an example for parents to embrace technology and gadgets in their education because we don't know when COVID-19 will go away,” Rajiv said.


Sudhir Cites Breach Of Contract For Firing Sanyu FM Employees

Employees of Uganda’s privately-owned radio station 88.2 Sanyu protested a 25% salary cut by staging a strike something that didn’t go down well with the top management of the station and owner Dr. Sudhir Ruparelia.

Irked by their industrial action, a no-nonsense Sudhir sacked all employees on Wednesday and commenced a recruitment drive that saw comedian Patrick Idrigi aka Salvado become the newest employee at the station.

Salvado replaced long-serving Jame Onen as host of the flagship Sanyu FM Breakfast show that airs every morning between 6 am and 10 am; the funnyman started work on Thursday. Onen had been at the station for 21 years.

In an interview with CEO East Africa on Thursday, Sudhir said that by laying down their tools and absconding from work, employees of the radio station terminated their own contracts and in effect sacked themselves. He said firing them was inevitable given the business circumstances.

“We made a business decision to cost-cut so as to make the business sustainable and protect jobs. We offered to talk and negotiate a solution but they instead chose to lay down their tools. They terminated themselves,” Ruparelia told the CEO.

Adding: “When you lay down the tools, you have broken contract and terminated yourself. The company has contracts on advertising and is actually making losses. If you have a contract and you stop doing that which you promised to do in the contract and you are absconding from work, in essence, you have terminated your own contract of employment,”.

He explained that between March and April when the Covid-19 and the restrictive measures put in place by the government started biting the radio station’s earnings, a meeting recommended the adoption of cost-cutting measures so as to make the businesses sustainable and protect jobs.

“Management asked us to hold the salary revisions until May because they said they would put in place strategies to halt the revenue reductions. But by the beginning of May, it was evident that the revenues were not recovering. Revenues had gone down by as much as 50%, thus the decision to cost-cut and that included a 25% salary revision for staff,”

“However, the staff unilaterally rejected the decision and wrote to management and myself. We reverted to them and in a June 5th letter, asked them for a meeting on June 11th at 09 am but unfortunately, the staff instead laid down their tools and refused to meet- that meeting would have taken place today at 09 am but unfortunately staff did not allow that to happen,”

“While we understand their disappointment with the salary cuts it is also important that they understand the business perspective of our decision. By laying down their tools, they even made the bad situation worse. Every day they are not working the business is losing even the little advertising revenue that we have on existing advertising contracts.”

“Some employees had become arrogant thinking that the station can’t work without them. I think we were very fair in trying to make them understand that the company is not making money,” the businessman said.

In an interview with Daily Monitor, Rajiv Ruparelia, the managing director of Ruparelia Group, a conglomerate under which 88.2 Sanyu FM falls, said that the sacked employees who want to return to work at the station should reapply for their jobs after apologizing.

Appearing on KFM, a local radio station, James Onen, said claims that they were protesting a pay cut were false. Onen explained that it was the initiative by their line managers who drafted a letter of displeasure at the deductions and made each of the staff to sign against it, adding that being managers, the staff complied and signed with a mind that perhaps they (line managers) have leeway with the owners of the company.

“I want to set the record straight, it is not true whatsoever that the staff rejected the pay cut, this narrative is false. We had been anticipating that there could be a pay cut and we were bracing ourselves for it. It finally happened but we were not notified in writing or in any way, we only realized when we looked at our payslips and saw that the money had been cut by 25 per cent, we just moved on with work and only hoped things would improve,” Onen said.

“We were still showing up to work and were still working, so it’s not true that we refused to work because of the salary cut. I think am being scapegoated in this case. My immediate supervisor called me one evening and told me not to work the next day, he said it was a step taken until the matter is resolved and that is how we did not work, only to be shocked by an accusation that I was absconding from duty, how?” he added.

New E-Commerce Platform Nofeka Brings Fresh Shopping Experience

The future is digital and this process marching to this virtual destination has commenced. The internet is redefining how we live our lives, how we trade and the economies are becoming more digital. It is unavoidable, even for developing countries like Uganda.

Uganda has already had a taste of the economy going digital with the success stories of e-commerce companies like Jumia, OLX and others. While these are largely foreign e-commerce retailers, a local innovator, Daniel Kiyega is churning out an e-commerce platform to address market needs.

Kiyega and his team launched an online shopping platform called Nofeka. Nofeka enters into the market with a promise ‘to take the game to the big boys.’ Already, the traffic on Nofeka’s site (www.nofeka.ug) has hit 500 viewers a day with their Facebook page has surpassed 3000 followers in under 2 weeks.

Daniel Kiyega the online shopping firm's founder and CEO says he has been harbouring this plan since 2014 but the Covid-19 lockdown that has pushed many conventional businesses including banks, restaurants plus others to go online reminded him of the need to start now.

“The major reason I have ventured into online retail, however, is to offer real convenience to shoppers in that they can place an order from where they are, continue going about their daily businesses and leave the rest to us,” he says.

We will ensure the product is delivered in time with just a small delivery fee and the exact product as it appears online something that most online retailers still fail to do.

Their Payment modes vary from MasterCard, pay Pal to mobile money and cash on delivery.

From groceries to toiletries, kitchenware, beverages, electronics and a variety of other products, Nofeka has its eyes on going full swing into online retail just like Alibaba, Amazon, eBay and Jumia locally.

 Nofeka's target is to hit 10,000 orders in the short term and 1 million orders a month with in the next 5 years. The retailer also has plans to go continental changing the game of online shopping in Africa after consolidating it’s hold onto the Ugandan and East African market.


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