Mobile App To Drive Up Connectivity Of Employers And Job Seekers In East Africa

It is an open secret that finding a job in East Africa is big challenge. Uganda in particular has many young employable youths who are not in employment. While government have not really created jobs, experts also believe that their a gap between employers and job seekers.

While job seekers barely find employment opportunities, employers also find it hard to find employable and talented job seekers. It’s usually a mismatch. However this is going to reduce after a mobile phone based App and online platform connecting the employer to job seeker was launched in Kampala last week.

The Mobile App, which is also supported by a webportal, called ProKaziEA was last Friday launched at Silver Springs Hotel in Bugolobi, a surbub of Kampala City. ProKaziEA stands for Pro “Professional”, Kazi (Swahili for Work” and ea “East Africa”). Prokaziea is a technology powered career network platform for employers, mentors, talented job sellers and students in the East African region.

On the platform students/graduates create their profiles, auto generate their resumes, build networks with employers on the platform, access streamed opportunities instantly and connect routinely with those in their networks. Employers using the platform will interact, connect and get access to their preferred candidate at any given time.

The App running on Android & web based platforms integrates a matching algorithm that makes skills, interest matching easier according to employers needs and experiences, Godwin one of the developers of the App explained. 

He said the platform provides interactive tools & services that enable talented job seekers get t into talent pool for employers to select & recommend to order employers in the industry. 

“Internship matching is at the core of this platform, for which SMEs provide a better landing for thousands of graduates in Uganda & East Africa as a whole,” he said adding that the underlying focus of Prokaziea is that EAC becomes connected to job market where there is free flow of labour powering the development of SMEs hence driving the integration agenda of bigger market for millions of job seekers in the region.

“Prokaziea is an affordable, reliable & wider-reach technology driven career development platform where SMEs, corporations & public agencies can you recruit young graduates, students fruity from their institution of learning.” He added.

The implementation of the App was financed by GIZ through incubator for Integration Development of East Africa (IIDEA) and YouMatch Global Initiative on innovative Employment Services for youth, and CEFORD.

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