Victoria University Tourism Students To Intern At Speke Group Of Hotels

Amit Sach, Speke Group of Hotels's General Manager and Dr. Krishna N. Sharma signing the MoU Amit Sach, Speke Group of Hotels's General Manager and Dr. Krishna N. Sharma signing the MoU

Victoria University will begin offering in-depth research oriented value addition to the hospitality and leisure industry in East Africa with the signing of a memorandum of understanding with the hotel giant- hospitality-industry-leader, Speke Group of Hotels.

The MOU signing under the theme: ‘Strengthening The Hospitality Industry In East Africa’ happened July 17th, 2018 from 9am at Speke Apartments. The Chief Executive Office of Uganda Tourism Board Dr. Stephen Asiimwe was the guest of honor.

Dr. Krishna N. Sharma, the Vice Chancellor of Victoria University, signed on behalf of the University Amit Sach, the Group General Manager signed on behalf of Speke Group of Hotels.

‘This is a major milestone for the University as it positions itself not just as an academic powerhouse in the region but one that will be producing research oriented and soft-skills based professionals capable of adding greater value to the products and services in the Hospitality industry,” said the Vice Chancellor.

The partnership will see Speke Group of Hotels provide practical space upon which Victoria University students will easily and seamlessly gain industrial insights that could eventually result into soft skills and employment opportunity as well.

The students will also be able to develop soft and build their networks, thereby enhancing their soft-skill sets and net-worth, giving them the competitive edge with which to become formidable managers and well-grounded job creators.

On the other hand, Speke group of Hotels will realize continuous flow of specialized labour force given that the students are pursuing Diploma and Bachelor Degrees in Tourism and Hospitality Management.

Uganda’s Tourism Market is poised to gain in terms of high quality products and services that meet local and international demands grounded in well researched local content.

“The products, services and soft skills coming out of this partnership between Victoria University and Speke Group of Hotels are to be of greater quality, competitive and a boost to our hospitality industry within the international and local setting,” added Dr. Asiimwe.

In the matter of Collaboration points, the Speke Group of Hotels is going to be part of each of the crucial training in several ways; 1. Needs Assessment 2. Curriculum Review 3. Teaching, Practicals & Use of Technology (Soft Skills) 4. Internships 5. Research and Evaluation.  

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