PHOTOS: DR Congo Best At Victoria University International Cultural Gala

Cultural diversity came alive at Victoria University last Saturday during this year’s international cultural day. It was colorful and full of energy as students did their best to make their country stand out and proud.

And at the end of energetic pompous day, students from Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo) won this year’s international day cultural showcase. They were followed by those from Zimbabwe and Somalia. The students showcased items representing their cultures in form of food, music, dance and language (speech).

In the category of dress, Zimbabwe took first place while DR Congo was second while Rwanda and Somalia tied in third. In the food category, Somalia won while Rwanda, Nigeria and Uganda came second, DR Congo took third.

The category of Speech (language) was won by Zimbabwe and DR Congo in a tie, second place was take by Burundi and another tie between South Sudan, Somalia and Nigeria took third position.

And in the category of music and dance DR Congo and South Sudan won in first place, Uganda and Burundi were second while Rwanda and Somalia came third. Other countries that were represented included Norway, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Ghana and India.

Below are photos to give you a better picture of what transpired.







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