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PHOTOS: When KISU Celebrated Cultural Diversity

The international school is home to students from 55 nationalities COURTESY PHOTOS The international school is home to students from 55 nationalities

Kampala International School Uganda (KISU) in Bukoto wound up their second term on the high when students celebrated the school’s international culture day. The international school is home to students from 55 nationalities; bringing together different cultures. The school director Steve Lang said learners at the school see the cultural diversity as a positive way to learn about other different parts of the world.

“If you can around say at play time or lunch time you will very commonly see different friendship group made of kids from different continents. We are completely color blind and completely inclusive about each other’s cultures,” Lang said in an interview as students mingled and tasted food prepared by their peers from places not their own.

Lang said 12 percent of the student’s body is Ugandan and the 82 percent comes from the rest of the world. “To us it is a source of great joy and richness. We are enriched by these cultures and we learn about each other.” We bring pictures captured as students celebrated international culture day at KISU.


China was well represented 

Kenya has a good presence at KISU
Sweden too was in presence and it was felt
The School Director Steve Lang addressing the congregation at the international culture day
Revelers prousdly having a good time
The ever smiling Koreans
Many students turned up with parents and guardians to celebrate their nationalities
KISU is home to learners from close to 60 nationalities
Many young learners get to learn about other cultures at KISU
Students got to taste food and drinks from other cultures
It was a fun busy day
The learners has a good interactive day
It was also a sporty day









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