These Are Top Sailing Spots Around Africa

Sailing is gradually picking up in some African countries INTERNET PHOTO Sailing is gradually picking up in some African countries

Sailing is when you employ the wind to propel, a boat or any other vessel on the surface of a big water body. The activity has been adopted as a sport for centuries although mostly in European countries and it is gradually picking up in some African countries.

There are so many wonderful destinations in Africa to go sailing, given that the continent is blessed with several big water bodies. Remember to get permission from the concerned authorities to go sailing in any of the different places. Every country has its own laws and of course, for your own safety. 

River Nile Uganda

From the source of the Nile to the peak of the murchison falls in Uganda, the river creates a great sailing opportunity filled with bird watching and beautiful views. Away from the many falls created by the heavy rock formation through many parts of the river, there are many sections that will not give you a hard time. 

Lake Tanganyika

What’s better than cruising on the deepest lake in the world? The lake goes through four countries: Zambia, Tanzania, Burundi, and the DRC with Tanzania having the biggest potion. The lake is under a joint governing body called the Lake Tanganyika Authority with reps from each country and you get to sail on the historical MV Liemba, a ferry that has been on the waters for decades. 

Cape Verde

Sail to the wild side through the 25 Cape Verdean islands and learn something new about the fauna and flora on the gem of the continent. You choose to sail through the Eastern sandy beaches or the the volcanic coastline on the west. There are nine out of the 25 islands that people live on so you will find restaurants to enjoy the local cuisine while you sail by. 

East African Coast

Sail across from Somalia on a yacht or cruise ship to the beautiful Zanzibar. When close to the shoreline you can hire out a rustic dhow and sail along the beautiful sandy beaches. Dine at some of the restaurants at the coast and enjoy some delicious swahili cuisines. 


One of the most beautiful locations is also the most eligible for sailing, you get a chance to hop through the 115 islands and enjoy the sights and sounds of  the Seychelles. 

Lake Victoria

Maybe not many people in East Africa use the vast water body for sporting but with the right vessel sailing on the Victoria would be fun. The lake is gifted with many bird species so you can as well use that time to bird watch as well as track marine life. There is a sailing club in Entebbe which has sail boats for hire and if that’s not for you, try the canoes or ferries that take people to the islands daily. 

South Africa

With the biggest parts of the country’s borders in the ocean, South Africa is an ideal vacation spot as well as sailing haven. You can charter a luxury cruise of maybe get a sail boat close to the shores and breeze through the waters while watching the beautiful sunset. 


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