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E.Guinea President, OPEC Secretary General Set For Oil & Gas APPO Cape VII 2019 Congress

H.E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, President of Equatorial Guinea, and H.E. Gabriel Mbaga Obiang Lima, Minister of Mines and Hydrocarbons, will both speak at APPO CAPE VII; Secretary General of APPO H.E. Mahaman Laouan Gaya and H.E. Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu, Nigeria's Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, will present on the foundational reforms of the African Petroleum Producers' Organization; H.E. Mohammed Sanusi Barkindo, Secretary General of OPEC; Dr Sun Xiansheng, Secretary General of the International Energy Forum and H.E. Yury Sentyurin, Secretary General of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) are all speaking at APPO CAPE VII; APPO CAPE VII welcomes participation of 50+ Africa's petroleum ministries, national oil companies and private companies as exhibitors and sponsors.

The President of Equatorial Guinea, the Secretary General of OPEC and 20 African oil and gas ministers will headline Africa's most influential gathering for the energy industry. The African Petroleum Producers Organization's Cape VII Congress and Exhibition on April 2-5 in Malabo is set to bring together top oil and gas executives and the continent's leading energy ministers, as well as international policy leaders for a week focused on policy reforms, Africa's influence in energy geopolitics and increasing cooperation amongst African countries. In all, the conference will gather more than 20 African governments, more than a dozen national oil companies and 50+ exhibitors and sponsors.

H.E. Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu, President of the African Petroleum Producers Organization and the Minister of State for Petroleum of the Republic of Nigeria, will present on the foundational reforms of the APPO, and the organization's aim to create a strong unifier of African oil producers on the international stage. New discoveries throughout Africa, from Mozambique and Namibia to Senegal and Mauritania, have sparked fresh interest in exploration and production throughout Africa and mean the APPO is set to welcome new producers into the fold.

H.E. Mohammed Sanusi Barkindo, Secretary General of OPEC; Dr Sun Xiansheng, Secretary General of the International Energy Forum and H.E. Yury Sentyurin, Secretary General of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) are all speaking at APPO CAPE VII. With Africa taking a more prominent role in OPEC discussions following the entry of Equatorial Guinea to the group of oil producers in 2017, APPO CAPE VII will set the agenda for African producers' interactions with global producers and markets in 2019 and beyond.

H.E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, President of Equatorial Guinea, and H.E. Gabriel Mbaga Obiang Lima, Minister of Mines of Hydrocarbons, will be presenting on Equatorial Guinea's Year of Energy in 2019. The small country in the Gulf of Guinea has taken a leading role on the international stage — joining OPEC, assisting in stabilizing the market and leading efforts for pan-African cooperation in the oil and gas sector. The LNG2Africa initiative, for example, will focus on monetizing domestic gas, building up regional infrastructure and exporting gas from Africa to Africa. The Year of Energy 2019 celebrates regional cooperation in Africa and is centered on a series of events taking place in Malabo throughout the year.

Key African ministers including H.E. Tarek El-Molla, Minister of Petroleum, Egypt; H.E. Jeff Radebe, Minister of Energy, South Africa; H.E. Pascal Houangni Ambouroué, Minister of Petroleum & Hydrocarbons of Gabon; and H.E Abdourahmane Cissé, Minister of Petroleum, Energy and the Development of Renewable Energy Côte d'Ivoire are set to address issues of oil and gas infrastructure and regional cooperation at APPO CAPE VII.

The fresh wave of energy investment in Africa — and indeed the focus on growing oil and gas reserves and creating attractive regulatory regimes for new investment — stands in stark contrast to many more developed markets around the world. Countries like the United States, Ireland, Italy and New Zealand are chipping away at global exploration potential, with New Zealand banning new exploration altogether.

Top industry executives, including Guy Maurice, Senior Vice President for Africa, Total; Mounir Bouaziz, Vice President, Africa and South America, Shell; Andrew G. Inglis, CEO, Kosmos Energy; Jean-Michel Jacoulot, CEO, Trident and Tim O'Hanlon, VP, Tullow Oil will speak on Africa's upstream potential in the current geopolitical environment.

Other panels will tackle regional cooperation, downstream calls for investment, the potential for financing Africa's oil and gas sector; and the need for economic diversification.

Oil Airport Contractor SBC Officials Visit Kingdom

Officials who are constructing Hoima international airport paid a courtesy visit to Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom to update the institution on the progress of their work.

The SBC public relations officer Amos Muriisa and the SBC Uganda environmental and social action manager Anurag Kalvanguta paid a courtesy call on the Prime Minister of Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom at his office this week.

According to SBC Uganda officials, local content for Bunyoro in terms of people employed at the project stands at 31 percent.

They reported that the civil works for the airport stand at 21 percent. The officials pledged commitment to prioritize environmental conservation, health and safety during their Operations.

The Prime Minister Rt Hon Andrew Byakutaga thanked SBC officials for the work so far done and urged them to increase on the recruitment of locals.

He emphasized the importance of preserving cultural sites in the area and enrolling more workers and businesses who are directly benefiting from the project.

He urged SBC officials to always report to the Kingdom whenever they discover tools and artifacts that are of historical and cultural significance.

SBC officials pledged regular updates to BKK and other stakeholders. SBC said the company has a very strict employment policy and a grievance handling mechanism.

They denied accusations that employees from Bunyoro are being segregated. They also noted that there have been skills gaps especially with people employed from this region.

Ayuk Calls For Collaboration On Local Content Development, Governance

Centurion CEO and Executive Chairman of the African Energy Chamber (, NJ Ayuk, is leading an industry delegation to Nigeria this week to meet various oil industry players.

On landing in Lagos, he called for more industry collaboration on key issues pertaining to Nigeria's oil & gas industry, including local content development, the signing of the Petroleum Industry Bill, the promotion of a better enabling environment for start-ups and SMEs, monetizing gas for domestic use, investing massively in energy infrastructure and building a robust petrochemical industry whilst ensuring that energy security is placed as a high priority agenda by both the Nigerian government and the country's oil industry.

This notably involves the signing of the Petroleum Industry Bill. Nigeria is Africa's biggest oil producer with a massive investment potential in oil but also gas. In this regard, the Chamber's delegation notably highlighted the importance for both the government and key stakeholders in the oil industry to immediately collaborate to improve governance and create an enabling environment for investment.

"The Chamber continues to be bullish about the potential of Nigeria and the investment opportunities for energy industry players here," declared NJ Ayuk. "Many young Nigerians look at the energy industry for training, empowerment, innovation, and not just any job but good jobs.

The oil industry is going to continue being the largest investor in the country and recognizes its responsibility to work with all Nigerians to ensure that the resources benefit every Nigerian and the dignity of work becomes real. Passing pro-growth legislation that incentivizes growth and provides confidence to all investors is important," added NJ Ayuk.

The Chamber further recognized the success of Nigeria's local content development, which has enabled the creation of strong Nigerian exploration, production and services companies that can truly be part of an African content revolution across the continent. As such, it will continue working with Nigerian officials to attract investment into Nigeria and push for skilled Nigerian entrepreneurs to expand across Africa.

"At the African Energy Chamber we are seeing a great number of Nigerian companies seeking to expand across Africa, including Senegal, Ghana, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Congo and South Sudan," added NJ Ayuk. "We need to encourage African companies to take the lead in the development of the continent's oil & gas industry."

In various meetings with oil and gas entrepreneurs in Lagos, NJ Ayuk also urged them to make an effort to participate in the APPO Cape VII Congress & Exhibition in Malabo on April 1-5 and in the 13th German-African Energy Forum in Hamburg on March 27-28.

African companies, and especially African entrepreneurs and SMEs, tend to be under-represented on the international stage, where decisions are made that affect them. Indigenous African companies also need to take advantage of the amazing growth and business opportunities provided by such international platforms.

PHOTOS: When Ykee Benda Met & Greeted Victoria University Students

There is no doubt that Ykee Benda is a darling among the youths and teens. This was much evident when the performing artist visited Victoria University Friday afternoon.


The singer who will is hosting a concert dubbed Singa Concert on 29th March at Kampala Serena Hotel’s Victoria Hall used the fans meet and greet to promote the upcoming concert and to inspire the youth to stay in school and to always chase their dreams.


“We are here to uplift the young because I am not old myself. They need to know that you can chase after the things you like even at a tender age,” he said of his visit to Victoria University. The university is among the sponsors of the concert.  


The Vice Chancellor at Victoria University Dr. Krishna N. Sharma told Earthfinds that they sponsored the music show to provide excelling students who study business an opportunity to network with people who can have an impact on their businesses. 


“We wanted to motivate our students who have started businesses while studying at Victoria University. When we look at business, it is all about links, how many people you know. Your network is your net worth.


“We wanted to help these students to build their network better. That is why we sponsored and wanted them to go to such a show so that they can meet different people who can be helpful to their businesses.


Almost 20 students who study business courses have started their own businesses. The university is now helping them to horn their entrepreneurship skills.


Victoria University is one of Uganda’s newest institutions of higher learning, standing out as a pivot of academic excellence offering a fresh and intellectually thriving environment that nurtures job-ready, critical thinkers and pushes pedagogical boundaries.

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