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School Teacher Flees Over Threats

An elderly woman in Masaka and her family are living in fear after one of her grandchildren was outed as a gay man spreading the homosexual agenda.

While appealing for help, the granny (names withheld) says she fears for her life after the mob, openly vowed to kill her, burn her home and slash her gardens.  What makes it sad is that the Police have turned a deaf ear after several pleas for protection.

She reveals that the source of her misery is one of her grandsons, Hamza Ssewankambo who is accused of committing an abomination.

Ssewankambo, a former teacher is accused of spreading homosexuality to school-going pupils. He says that although he has since fled for fear of persecution by the hate mob, he continues to be harassed. 

“Ever since the secret came out that my son was gay, we have never known peace.  Several men have threatened to kill us and banish us from the village.  They are demanding that I produce Hamza.  They even tell me that they have protection from Security forces and I shouldn’t bother reporting the threats,” she laments

“My grandson the sole breadwinner was expelled from school over gay claims.  He was once beaten by a mob. They claimed parents had withdrawn their children from the school following his actions. When I reported to Police, I wasn’t helped,” She says.

She admits she lives in an intolerant neighbourhood where people can kill if you are suspected of harbouring someone who is gay.

She confesses that Hamza Ssewankambo lived a troubled life growing up. We always felt bad but tried to help him. We tried to get him a wife but we don’t know what went wrong and we thought he would change.  It was for our own safety because we felt threatened.

 When I heard he got into trouble I was very concerned but now people are coming to me threatening me and my home. I Have learnt that his on the run but I’m also worried his life too.       

“Police haven’t helped us. We live in fear,” she says.   She fears that they will end up like David Kato, a prominent gay rights activist who was murdered in his home in 2011 weeks after winning a court victory over a tabloid that called for homosexuals to be killed.

Recently, Ethics and Integrity Minister Simon Lokodo said: "Homosexuality is not natural to Ugandans, but there has been a massive recruitment by gay people in schools, and especially among the youth, where they are promoting the falsehood that people are born like that."

"Our current penal law is limited. It only criminalises the act.

"We want it made clear that anyone who is even involved in promotion and recruitment has to be criminalised. Those that do grave acts will be given the death sentence."

Spice Diana Releases ‘Batutadde’ Song To Celebrates End Of Lockdown

Today’s reopening of the night economy after two years of a COVID19 inspired lockdown has sent several musicians into celebratory mood. To celebrate this milestone, many have hit the studio to their happiness on tape as music.

The first to release a song to celebrate the reopening of the bars, music concerts and the night life is Spice Diana, the reigning female artiste of the year 2021.

Fans favorite, Spice Diana has released a song titted ‘Kiggula Luggi” (Batutadde) to celebrate the official re-opening of entertainment industry.

According to people close to Spice Diana, Kiggula Luggi celebrates the beginning of the “Happening season” after two years of lockdown. Since COVID19 hit, artists have been barred from holding crowded concerts.

However, artists like Spice Diana been consistent releasing songs and music through the lockdown. While the artists haven’t been hitting the stage to perform, this music has been food for the souls of their fans.


Prudential Announces Africa Cup Of Nations 2021 Sponsorship

Prudential Africa has signed a sponsorship agreement with the Confederation of African Football (CAF) to become the official insurance partner of the 33rd edition of Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) 2021.

At a press conference Douala, Cameroon this week to announce the sponsorship, Eric Mboma, Chief Representative Officer, Prudential Northern Africa Region said the sponsorship underscores Prudential’s commitment to the African continent.

“As we grow our business in Africa, we also want to support the passion and talent of its people. Africans share a common love for football and we are honored to be part of a tournament that unites the continent and brings together the brightest talents of African football.”

Commenting on the partnership, Confederation of African Football (CAF) General Secretary Mr. Véron Mosengo-Omba said, “We are excited and pleased to have on board Prudential as a partner. We share a common purpose in our commitment to developing local talent as well as driving prosperity for the people of Africa.”

Mr. Mboma added, “Through sports, Prudential wants to encourage people to stay active and lead more healthy lifestyles. As a life insurer, we believe that health and wellness are important for people to live fulfilling lives.”

AFCON 2021 has already started and will continue till 6 February 2022 with Cameroon as the host nation.

Fraudulent Socialite Kavuma In Trouble Over Speke Apartments Debt

The Uganda police is hunting for socialite Honest Kavuma aka Harsh Pappy for taking off without clearing a multimillion bill accumulated through accommodation, food and lavish spending at swanky Speke Apartments Wampewo.

Kavuma booked a room at Speke Apartments in 2018 which he paid for the first two years but started defaulting and now he is being hunted by the police. A case filed by Speke Apartments against him under Ref No.75/19/10/2021 has been opened up to recover the USD48, 000 bill.

''We are going to teach him a lesson. This time he will get saved. We want him to know that when you acquire a service you must pay for it. He will cough the money he took off with...or else he will rot in jail,'' a detective hunting for Kavuma said.

The Speke Apartments' saga is not the first fraudulent case against Kavuma; he, alongside Makai Cobra, Nathan Kimbuye and Walter Obera, are being investigated over credit cards and ATM scams.

In 2017 Kavuma was arrested and remanded to Luzira Murchison Prison on charges of money laundering. According to sources then, Kavuma was accused of fraud by Nigerian businessman Jay Florin Adedayo, Director of Citi commodities in Dubai.

It’s believed that Kavuma signed a transfer document that later bounced after allegedly altering a credit confirmation document in 2016 of US$193m from Chase Bank. After several pursuits by the furious Nigerian, Kavuma was put behind bars for several days until he was presented to the high court.

Represented by Bowmans of A.F. Mpanga Advocates, Kavuma later got out under unclear circumstances. That, however, wasn’t the end of his woes. Sources reveal that after a short while, Kavuma’s accounts in several Ugandan banks were frozen, leaving him stranded and unsure of his next move.



HiPipo CEO Wins CEO Of The Year Accolade

The Chief Executive Office (CEO) of HiPipo Innocent Kawooya has been awarded the TIG Network Afrika CEO of the Year Award, 2021-2022.

TIG (True Inspirational Generation) Network Afrika is an organisation and network whose intention is to elevate the role of the family in Africa.

They seek to establish the home as the base upon which children are brought up to discover and realise their utmost potential, and also to be an avenue to engender awareness and understanding, and ultimately address the existing gap between our children, their families, society, the state, and the media.

It is also their goal to give children a greater voice and bring about more involvement for them in the decision making of the nation. Their ultimate hope is to guarantee that Uganda reaps dividends from its young population, starting now and ultimately in the future. 

They thus recognise that it is important for children and youth alike to have homegrown role-models they can follow and emulate. And it is for that reason that they chose Innocent.

Innocent expressed his appreciation for the accolade. ‘I find it pleasing that the efforts of the HiPipo team are being recognised,’ he said, ‘this award was only given to me because I work with a fantastic team’. He added, ‘It should also never be forgotten that we have been blessed with extraordinarily supportive partners. What we have done would not have been possible without the generous sponsorship of the Gates Foundation, and the technical input of Modusbox, Crosslakes Technologies and the Mojaloop Foundation. This accolade is for all of us, and will spur us at HiPipo onwards to do even more’. 

2021 has been another fruitful and progressive year for HiPipo. With Innocent at the helm, the organisation once again made significant inroads in its advocacy for the adoption and dissemination of financial technology (FinTech), specifically as an avenue to increase Financial Inclusion amongst the underserved and unserved. 

In this vein, HiPipo successfully carried out all its FinTech initiatives, including the 40 Days 40 FinTechs & FinTech Landscape Exhibition, the Women-in-FinTech Hackathon & Summit, the Digital and Financial Inclusion Summit and the Digital Impact Awards Africa. And added to this was the (ongoing) Women-in-FinTech Incubator. ‘The Incubator is HiPipo maintaining a strong commitment to empowering women in the digital technology space’, Innocent commented, adding, ‘they must be prioritised for the knowledge and tools to build successful tech initiatives, for what they do shall ultimately serve communities better’.

There was also a landmark moment in HiPipo’s entertainment programs, as the 10th HiPipo Music Awards were successfully held at Mestil Hotel on the 10th of December, 2021, further cementing those honours as one of the most auspicious and longest running on the continent.

The year had also started with Innocent’s Kampala City Mayoral run, under the slogan ‘Digitising Kampala’. Needless to say, it’s an agenda he continues to chase, and we are grateful to TIG Network Afrika for recognising this. We say thank you, and promise that there is more to come in 2022.

World Class Stadium To Be Constructed On Land Kololo SS Uses As Playground

Businessman Rajiv Ruparelia has promised to construct a world class state of the art stadium on the government land that Kololo Secondary School (Kololo SS) uses for its sports activities.

Despite having leased the said land from government, Kololo SS, a government school, is refusing to vacate the land. The school doesn't own the land in question but only uses it as a sports ground.

The refusal to vacate the land has irked the businessman who wants to put sports academy called Premier Academy, an affiliation of Kampala Parents School.

Ruparelia said they plan to develop the land with a sports stadium, football academy, gym and conference facility for the sports fraternity.

“I want to build a football stadium, a volleyball court, tennis court, all-weather pitch, gym and a conference facility for all the sports fraternity to use. Of course there will be a fee, but a normal fee to use the facility,” he said.

''The selfish individuals had the opportunity to develop the land more than 40 years ago before the government handed us the title after realizing that Kololo SS would do nothing now they are hiring goons to derail our plans,'' Ruparelia added.

Now that the schools are closed, the land and the playground is being used by rogue residents to commit crime in the entire Nakawa Division.

Speke Apartments Wampewo Tees Off Christmas Festivities With Cake Mixing

It is that time of the year when Christmas festivities around the world take off for Christians to commemorate the birth of God’s only son, Jesus Christ.

At Speke Apartments Wampewo, an installment which is part of Speke Group of Hotels, the first ever cake mixing ceremony in Uganda was hosted Saturday evening.


Cake mixing is an activity that follows a definite process of putting elaborate cake ingredients together, mixing them and wait till the mixture is ready for baking.

Once baked, and ready for consumption, the cake is then distributed to guests. Cake mixing is a harbinger of good tidings meant to usher in the festive season.


Speke Apartments Wampewo said the aim of this event is to create a fun and engaging experience where guests are involved in the cake mixing process.

It is a platform for engaging activities like networking over cocktails and sparkling wine. At Speke Apartments Wampewo, this has been used as a buildup to other Christmas activities.


These which will include special packages on room rates at Speke Apartments, so guests can enjoy premium accommodation in the heart of the city.

Speke Apartments Wampewo’s restaurant, La Cabana restaurant and it’s wellness center Calabash Spa and Salon will have a special Christmas menu and offers.


“Throughout the festive season, Speke Apartments is providing festive cheer to all its guests and residents in order to create an unforgettable experience for them this Christmas and New Year,” Speke Apartments said in a press release.

Leela Foundation Treats 80 Elderly People To Fulfilled Jinja Trip

Leela Foundation, a local non-governmental organization, in partnership with the directorate of ethics in the office of the president with support from Tirupati Group, over the weekend, hosted 80 elderly people selected from Nakawa Division, Kampala City to a treat at the Source of the Nile Hotel in Jinja.

The fully paid treat was aimed at helping the elderly people shake off the COVID19 stress, depression and loneliness that they have endured in the past two years that the coronavirus pandemic ravaged the world.

Kruti Juhi Barot, the founder of Leela Foundation, explained that the feeling of being alone is the worst disease anyone experience so they organized the trip to get the elderly) out of that COVID19 stress that came with isolation and lack.

“We are what we are because of them (elderly people), tomorrow, the future generation will say the same about us. So to target this category (elderly people) through our foundation was to give them hope, happiness and to look forward to tomorrow,” Kruti Baroti said.

“We have embraced them (elderly) and we have told them 'we are here for you'. That is a very big word, it means they no longer feel alone," she added when flagging off the elderly for the trip.

Of the 80 beneficiaries, 29 were men. They were selected in the suburbs of Nakawa, Luzira, Naguru in Nakawa Division. COVID19, a pandemic that has left over 5m people globally dead, deeply affected the elderly people who were more vulnerable to the virus.  

In her address to the elderly at the Jinja retreat Lukia Nakadadma, the 3rd Prime Minister of Uganda and minister without Potfolio noted that the getaway to Jinja was not about food because ‘you have eaten all types of food’ but ‘to associate with others’.

“When you go back home talk to other people; when you are a lone, you get depressed but when you are with other people talking, life gets refreshed and you get happy,” the government official counseled.

A happy Eunice Harriet Nalugya, 77, a resident of Luzira, revealed that this was her first trip ever since she retired from Prison Services in 2012. She said that the trip gave her an opportunity to go and get some fresh air and mingle with others.

Florence Kyomugisha, 71, said that elderly people are like children and such trip excited them.

Indian Ambassador to Uganda Shri A. Ajay Kumar, lauded Leela Foundation and the Tirupati Group for helping the needy, especially the elderly through the tough covid19 period.

Rt. Hon. Prime Minister, Save Bugoma Forest And Save Women

By Asasiira Lamurah Kedress and Mbabazi Adal

Editor, allow us to send greetings to the Rt. Hon. Prime Minister, Robinah Nabbanja. We are women leaders from Kikuube district, and also members of the Save Bugoma Forest Campaign local taskforce. 

Since the destruction of Bugoma forest commenced and some people started trying to grab our land, we have led or have been involved in efforts to stop the forest destruction and grabbing our land. 

We have engaged the Speaker of parliament, Kikuube district local government leaders, Bunyoro Kingdom, religious leaders and others to protect our land and Bugoma forest. Unfortunately, our efforts haven’t paid off and Bugoma forest continues to be destroyed, while our land also remains under threat of being grabbed. 

This is why we are turning to the Rt. Hon. Prime Minister, Robinah Nabbanja for help. We have seen her offer support to flood victims in Kasese, Buliisa and many other districts. The prime minister is indeed doing a good job. 

We are requesting her to extend these good works to Bugoma forest. As the leader of government business, the Prime Minister can engage her government peers to stop the ongoing destruction of Bugoma forest and attempts to grab our land.

The prime minister should order for the 2019 cabinet directive to the Ministry of Water and Environment, Ministry of Lands and National Forestry Authority (NFA) to open the Bugoma forest boundaries is implemented. 

Opening of the boundaries with independent observers will save our forest and stop the suffering that women have gone through since destruction of the forest commenced. 

Asasiira Lamurah Kedress and Mbabazi Adal

Local Taskforce, Save Bugoma Forest Campaign

Phaneroo’s 3rd Edition Of Its Annual Women’s Conference – My Great Price – Set

Phaneroo Ministries International, a non-denominational faith-based ministry, now in its eighth year of existence, plans to hold the third edition of its Annual Women’s Conference—My Great Price—on Saturday 23rd October 2021.

Unlike previous editions, this edition shall be an online event transmitted to a worldwide audience from its studio in Kampala, Uganda. 

What is My Great Price? 

My Great Price is an annual event exclusively for women and intended to celebrate their role in society. The event brings together women of all ages, races, and walks of life for a one-day mix of fun and inspirational teaching on various topics pertinent to the female gender such as marriage, career, grooming and ministry.

While the topics covered at each event has often varied from edition to edition, its purpose has remained unchanged: to raise a generation of women hungry for God, fervent in faith, demonstrative in the things of God, and substantially equipped to make a tangible difference in their homes, community and society as role models and sources of inspiration. 

How to be part of the event.

Owing to current government-imposed restrictions on public and religious gatherings, this year’s event shall be livestreamed on all the ministry platforms: YouTube, Phaneroo radio and Facebook. Additionally, the event shall be broadcast on Urban TV and LTV from 4pm to 8pm EAT.

Across the world, multiple countries with fairly relaxed guidelines on public gatherings such as Kenya, Tanzania, China, United Kingdom, Canada and the United States have also confirmed plans to set up livestream venues. To enhance engagement with and experience of the audience, livestream venues shall transmit live video feeds from their respective gatherings to the studio in Kampala.

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