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Miraj Barot Business Trends At Tirupati Recognized With Award

Tirupati Development (U) Ltd is providing Micro, Small, and Medium, Enterprises (MSMEs) that are looking to set up small factories a home in Kampala, the capital of Uganda.

The Tirupati Business Park in Kyebando, according to Miraj Barot, the Joint Managing Director of Tirupati Development (U) Ltd, has created 2000 jobs for Uganda by providing affordable condominiums to 200 MSMEs.

 These MSMEs have set up mini-factories manufacturing some of the most essential products required by Ugandans to trade and live their lives.

The Kyebando-based business park is the first of its kind in Uganda despite the government, through the Uganda Investment Authority, setting up several industry parks across the country.

What sets Tirupati Business Park apart is that it targets investors who are starting small but focused on business growth.

Because of this innovative business venture, Miraj Barot was on Thursday, August 31 2023, named the best Business Trendsetter in the private sector by Ugandans who participated in a voting process.

Miraj received the award from the Permanent Secretary and Secretary to the Treasury (PSST) in the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development, Ramathan Ggoobi, at the 4th Business Trendsetter’s Forum and Awards.

The ceremony took place at the Sheraton Hotel Kampala. Miraj Barot used the ceremony to reveal that when the next phase of the Tirupati Business Park is launched, another 250 MSMEs will be welcomed to set up more factories and create jobs.

To win the award, Miraj Barot was chosen ahead of Richard Zulu, the Founder of Outbox Hub, an enterprising startup; Goretti Massadde, the CEO of Uganda Institute of Banking and Financial Services; and Irene Birungi Mugisha, the Director of ARC and Ideator PCF.

In the category of Business Trendsetter Public Sector, the voters picked Ramathan Ggoobi over Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja, Sarah Ndoboli Kataike, the State Minister for Luwero, and Simon Kasyate, the KCCA spokesperson.

Irene Birungi defeated Elly Karuhanga of Uganda Chamber of Mines and Petroleum, Dr Henery Clarke Kisembo, the Chairman of DALI, and Amos Wekesa of Great Lakes Safaris in the category of Business Trendsetter 2022/2023 Hero.

In the category of Life Time Achievers, Wasswa Birigwa, the Chairperson of FDC, Peter Sematimba, Robert Kabushenga and Josephat Machete were awarded.

The Founder of the Business Trendsetters Forum and Awards, Yvonne Mpanga said each year business trends tracers identify business leaders who are championing new business trends for recognition. 

League Of East African Directors Set For 2nd Annual LEAD Convention

The League of East African Directors (LEAD) is set to hold the 2nd Annual LEADS Convention at Kampala Serena on 27th July 2023 under the theme “Governance and business resilience in a dynamic regulatory landscape.”

LEAD Convention is an annual event that brings together prominent business leaders from the region. It is a platform that plays a crucial role in fostering collaboration, sharing insights, and promoting knowledge exchange among directors, executives, and key decision-makers.

Members, partners and leaders from different backgrounds and expertise meet to discuss and distil concepts, ideas and narratives that can be applied in the respective leadership contexts and areas of influence hence the convention.

The keynote speaker will be the Deputy Governor Bank of Uganda Micheal Atingi-Ego.

The CEO LEAD Pheona Wall said the convention will encompass a diverse range of engaging sessions and insightful panel discussions that address the most pressing challenges faced by businesses in the region.

The LEAD convention chairman organizing committee said they hope to engage in meaningful discussions, forging lasting partnerships, and promoting sustainable business practices  that the entire East African region.  

Leela Foundation Mourns Passing Of Inspirer

Leela Foundation Uganda, the philanthropic arm of Tirupati Development (U) Limited, is mourning the death of Mrs Leelaben Maganbhai Barot.

Mrs Barot, 94, has been the mother of Harshad Barot, the founder of Tirupati. She died on Wednesday 8th June 2023 in Kampala.

A statement released by the family said they are grieved by the loss of their beloved mother. “Mother of Shri Harshadbhai Maganllal Barot has left this material body and departed for heavenly abode,” it said.

A family source said Leela Foundation, an NGO that supports old people, was created to celebrate the deceased. Thousands of elderly people have benefited from the Foundation’s generosity.

Leela Foundation has supported old people in Kampala, Jinja Karamoja, Mbale and other parts of the country. The Third Deputy Prime Minister, Rukia Nakadama recognized Leela Foundation for helping old people in the country.

MaNe Project Commences Innovative Research To Improve Maternal & Newborn Health

As Uganda grapples with high maternal and newborn mortality rates, the Kampala Slum Maternal and Newborn Health (MaNe) implementation research project, tested innovative approaches addressing the demand and supply side barriers affecting care seeking, effective referral and provision of quality care for maternal and newborn health in urban slum settings in Kampala City.

The research was intended to provide evidence about the feasibility, replicability, and scalability of selected MNH interventions within an urban setting to address the mismatch between the lived realities of the urban poor and the conventional approaches to improving maternal and newborn health outcomes.

Funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the MaNe project was a collaboration between Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) and Population Services International (PSI) Uganda. The activity was implemented in two of the five administrative divisions of Kampala City (Makindye and Lubaga).

MaNe’s mandates were to harness the public and private facility mix to provide quality and affordable maternal and newborn care services for the urban poor; strengthen referral linkages between public and private health facilities for maternal and newborn health care and to educate mothers, caretakers of newborns and spouses about appropriate actions on what maternal and newborn health services to seek and from where to access services.

The project’s interventions yielded several positive outcomes. These included increased utilization of quality maternal and newborn health services at private health facilities. The activity also stimulated improved delivery of respectful and affordable care to mothers and spurred the development of a digital ambulance transportation system to handle maternal emergencies.

urther, the number of mothers attending antenatal services (ANC) increased due to extended operation hours and workdays in KCCA facilities. For example, from no mothers attending ANC in October 2020 to 1,242 mothers attending by August 2021.

The innovation of an uber-like mobile application to improve access to ambulances for pregnant mothers resulted in 1,642 referrals made through the MaNe supported KCCA call and dispatch center, ensuring the safety of these mothers.

The project worked with KCCA to accredit 20 private health facilities, enabling them to provide affordable quality maternal health care. For example, in Rubaga, a private midwife-led facility was able to reduce the prices of normal delivery for urban poor women from UGX 200,000 to UGX 120,000 and experienced a 141% increase in the number of pregnant mothers attending ANC.

Additionally, the activity’s collaborative partnership leveraged the support of other civil society stakeholders and the private sector including UNFPA, USAID Uganda Maternal and Child Health and Nutrition (MCHN) Activity, Uganda Red Cross, Outbox, White Ribbon Alliance, and MTN Uganda to provide equipment and services.

In his remarks at the project’s learning dissemination event on March 24, 2022, Dr. Charles Olaro, Director Clinical Services, Ministry of Health, said:

“The MaNe project is well aligned to the government priority of universal healthcare including that of maternal and newborn health and this evidence generated will accelerate government efforts towards designing the urban reproductive maternal health policy.”

Dr. Olaro noted that the KCCA-led mentorship, support supervision, and onsite service provisions should continue as it boosts community demand for services, motivates the private sector, and strengthens the linkages between the public and private facilities, which will lead to increased access to quality maternal and newborn health services.

Dr. Daniel Okello Ayen, Principal Investigator on the MaNe project and KCCA’s Director of Public Health and Environment added that: “The project showed us that multi-sectoral collaboration is invaluable in supporting the provision of equitable access to maternal health because of the innovations that arise from each actor.”

The project leaves behind a legacy.

Dr. Yvonne Mugerwa Kidza, MaNe’s Project Director is keen to see the activity’s innovations and tested approaches absorbed by partners at the sub-national, national, and global scale.

She surmises; “The MaNe project tested and has now shared successful innovations in; enabling urban poor access quality and affordable services by leveraging the private sector to get interested in being accredited by KCCA and providing affordable and respectful services for the urban poor;  ensuring availability of timely referral transportation for urban poor with MNH emergencies both in accredited private clinics and public facilities;  engaging Community Health Workers (CHWs) in working closely with accredited clinics to support appropriate care seeking and referral and access to post-natal care among urban poor; enabling urban poor women who cannot afford to seek ANC services during regular work hours to access quality services in public facilities.”  

She added that these innovations should be absorbed by other partners to maintain the gains accrued in reduction of maternal and newborn morbidity and mortality among the urban poor. MaNe executed implementation research using systematic and rigorous methods to adopt and integrate evidence-based health interventions into clinical and community settings to improve individual outcomes and benefit population health.

The implementation research supported and informed multisectoral collaboration including KCCA policy makers and planners to deliver appropriate and resilient maternal and newborn health services.

We Shall Negotiate With Buganda Kingdom Until We Reach An Agreement Over Kigo Land- Hamis Kiggundu

Businessman Hamis Kiggundu is positive negotiations with Buganda Kingdom will yield good results following an impasse over a land piece in Kigo.  

Last Friday, Ham through his real estate company- Kiham Enterprises (U) Limited deployed workers and grader operators who started excavating and clearing a 140-acre prime land in Kigo before Mengo came out to claim it.

However, Buganda Kingdom laid claim over the said land. In a letter to police, Buganda Kingdom described Kiham Enterprises actions as illegal and erroneous and requested police intervention.

Now, Kiham Enterprises Uganda Limited has confirmed with documents the ownership of Kyadondo Block 273 Plots 23974, 23975, 23976, & 23977, land at Kigo, totaling 37.767 Hectares/93.322 Acres which the Buganda Kingdom claims is theirs.

Ham co-owns the real estate company with his uncle Edward Nakibinge Kaggwa (Ham owns 99 percent shares whereas Nakibinge owns 1 percent).

The said land is situated between Serena-Kigo and Mirembe Villas land, off Munyonyo Spur Road, and extends inwards sharing common boundaries with Serena-Kigo, Mirembe Villas, and the Lake.

The land has a usable acreage of 78.086 Acres whereas 15.236 Acres incorporate access roads.

The said land is a Freehold land granted by Wakiso District Land Board and the Freehold Land Titles were issued in November 2019 by Wakiso District Land Office.

The subject land falls under ‘Public Land’ formerly Plot 20 and referred to as, ‘Total Lake Area’, originally measuring approximately 289.34 Acres.

In a Thursday statement by Kiham Enterprises Uganda Limited, Private Mailo land on Kyadondo Block 273 Plots 87, 99,110 & others, land at Kigo, shares boundaries with the public land (already described above), mainly comprising; Mirembe Villas, Kigo Prisons, part of Serena Kigo land, taking part of the Munyonyo Spur Road outwards beyond the Munyonyo Spur.

“It is composed on Final Certificate (F.C 18454) formerly Plot 96 and originally measuring approximately 16 Square miles and 228 Acres.”

Kiham Enterprises Uganda Limited is in the advanced stages of building an Integrated Sports Complex called Ham Sports Club. It is intended to Identify, Nurture and Promote Ugandan Youth Talent domestically, regionally, and internationally.

It accommodates 3 state-of-the-art football playgrounds (including 2 training grounds), 2 Olympic size swimming pools, World Class Gym, 4 basketball courts, 4 tennis courts, 4 netball courts, all indoor games, accommodation facilities and a grade four medical health facility. imes.

You Are The Torch Of Today, Forge New Tomorrows, Jyotsna Ruparelia Preps Indian Women Entrepreneurs Ahead Of Awards & Cultural Festival

Businesswoman Jyotsna Ruparelia has hailed Ugandan-Indian women for being full of strength and being visionary. Her kudos come ahead of the forthcoming Indian Women Entrepreneur Awards & Indian Cultural Festival scheduled for 12th March 2022 at UMA Multipurpose Hall in Kampala.

“Ladies, you are all selected as winners; you women, have shown some special qualities - caring, courage and confidence. As entrepreneurs, you have taken the road less traveled. With deep respect, you infuse the culture we live in with our values of giving and growth – congratulations,” Jyotsna said in a recorded video.

Jyotsna, the co-founder of the Ruparelia Foundation and director of Ruparelia Group of Companies congratulated the Indian High Commissioner for organising the first of its kind event, the Indian Women Entrepreneurs awards ceremony and cultural festival.

“Ladies you are the torch of today who will forge new tomorrows. Welcome to the circle of Ugandan Indian women who are known for strength and vision,” she stated.


The High Commission of India, Kampala is organizing the Indian Women Entrepreneur Award & Indian Cultural Festival that will also have a conclave for business meetings. The awards will celebrate indian women who have excelled as entrepreneurs.

The event will be graced by a special guest Ms. Dipika Chikhlia, a TV personality in India and Bollywood Singer Nirupama Dey. The festival will be a showcase of Indian cultural including music, dance and fashion.

Looking For A Private But Nature Friendly Place To Stay, Think Kabira Country Club

There are times when you want to escape the hustle and bustle of your daily to a place where you can find solitude, rejuvenation and get back your groove, in Kampala, the place, as time has proved, is Kabira Country Club, a boutique hotel located in Bukoto.

Kabira Country Club, an intimate and imitable paradise, offers a fresh breath to Uganda's hospitality industry with its renovated rooms, designed to complement its natural environment.

The newly renovated Quaint cottages with Spacious Garden, Balcony, Kitchenette and much more is the perfect option for you with access to Health Club, Swimming, Tennis Courts, Squash Courts, Basketball Court, Sports Field, and a 10% discount on salon.

Ajit Singh, the Kabira Country Club general manager says that customers can now have an amazing, homely experience in their fabulous penthouses, refurbished to suit your lifestyle.

And now that the weekend is around the corner, you can also get a chance to stay in a beautiful, fully furnished and well arrayed trouble-free paradise and skip the crowds.

According to Singh, Kabira Country Club is a perfect place to take a minute of privacy to rest and rejuvenate or get your work done. “We offer wide range of amenities that will help you relax with credible and timely room service,” he added.

While at Kabira Country Club, you get to enjoy a sundowner and amber sunsets with a visit to The Pub, the multi-cuisine restaurant and bar or give into to your sweet cravings at Bake-O-Logy. Whatever you choose to do, the hotel shall cater to your to-do interests.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one holistic experience, Kabira Country health club offers it all, and then some. It literally breathes energy into any fitness regimen with facilities which include a half Olympic-sized swimming pool, kids’ pool, Gym, Tennis, Basketball, squash courts & a football pitch.



You will enjoy the privacy of the hotel's rooms without feeling isolated. With a distinctly personal feel, the rooms and cottages offer a blend of inspired design and an intimate attention to detail consistent with your every idea of what turns hospitality into what is homely.

VILLAS OF YOUR DREAM – Live Re-defined Luxurious Life At Speke Resort Munyonyo

Uganda’s top luxury hotel resort Speke Resort and Conference Center has been offering the best of luxury since the 1990s when businessman Dr. Sudhir Ruparelia acquired tracks of land on the shores of Lake Victoria and transformed a fishing community into a modern hospitality destination, the best in the country.

And now, almost two decades later, you can have re-defined luxurious living with Speke Resort fully furnished and serviced new Garden Villas available for rent on daily, short and long term basis. Today, Speke Resort  is the leader in comfort, serenity and hospitality in Uganda, having pioneered the meeting and events market for the past years.

The Garden Villas

Recently, the fancy Resort introduced the Garden Villas on its vast line of accommodation options. The Resort presents unrivalled simplicity in creating the most memorable guest experience embedded in the vast array of guest rooms, meeting venues and world class facilities embraced in a safe and secure environment.

“Our fully furnished and serviced cottages offer peace, tranquility, comfort and luxury. Available for rent on daily, short and long term basis,” Greg Petzer, the general manager at Speke Resort said, adding that guest rooms and living spaces are systematically sanitized and disinfected on a regular basis with special attention given to high touch areas and surfaces.

The general manager Petzer describes the Garden Villas as ‘offering the comforts of a home away from home’ and as ‘suitably located in a quieter area of the resort’.

World Class Standards

The duplex two bedroom Garden Villas are finished to world class standards and include the resort’s internationally recognized facilities and are perfect for the medium to long staying guest or a family looking for some peace and quiet over the weekend.

The Garden Villas according to are defined by a wealth of fluid space and the harmonious integration of elegant interiors with flawless finishes. The Garden Villas come with a bold design statement blended with an emphasis on comfortable living, whilst soaring ceilings, glass louvres and sliding doors evoke an airy ambience providing smooth transitions between the indoor and outdoor entertainment spaces.

The Garden Villas come with spacious living room with kitchenette, sliding doors to entertaining area, two bedrooms with built in robes, two bathrooms, beautiful landscaped gardens with split level backyard, queen size bed and spacious balcony.

Other Garden Villas amenities include 24-hour laundry service, 24-hour room service, air conditioner, baby cot and babysitter on request, hair blower & dryer, free Wi-Fi, iron & board on request, hotel safe in-room digital safe, mini bar on request, maid service, spacious workstation, newspaper on request,  telephone, digital satellite television, toiletries, tea & coffee station, private lawn, dining table and living room.

Accommodation At Speke Resort

Apart from the newly added and renovated Garden Villas, Speke Resort has other luxurious rooms including the Presidential Suites, Presidential Cottages, Executive Rooms, Superior Rooms that are bright, spacious residences, filled with beautiful views of Lake Victoria and the resort’s tropical garden.

Sheltered under charming, traditional African, modern contemporary and furnished with rich natural fabrics, the rooms and cottages are also equipped with the latest modern technologies, complimentary high speed Internet for up to four devices and 24-hour services, for the guests’ utmost convenience.

Crane Bank Ruling Will Protect Other Banks From Falling Prey

By Ben Sebuguzi

Today a new dawn has come, the financial sector has received another good news, as one of their own, Crane bank has been reverted back to it’s shareholders who are Sudhir and Meera investment after a protracted long legal battle that has made the regulator, Bank of Uganda to vomit it.

The sad news is that other banks which became prone to poor decision making and incompetence like National bank of commerce, Teffe bank, Green land bank, among others cannot resurrect to serve Ugandans.

According to the Auditor General’s report and Parliament Committee on commission, Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises (COSASE), all agreed that BoU did not have a detailed plan for revival and recommended that next time the regulator should first exhaust plans of revival of the bank before costing many bread winners their jobs. More than 500 youths lost their jobs on Crane bank alone which is too devastating!!

According to a report presented to parliament by Bugweri County Legislator Abdu Katuntu, by the time the bank was closed, it’s liquidity had stabilized and therefore there was no need to hasten the Receivership and then liquidation.


Today’s court appeal ruling is very historical for the banking sector because BoU will be using due diligence and extra care before winding down business and the regulator will stop using section 99 (1) and (2) of the financial institutions Act, 2004 to victimise them again. So the industry should appreciate Crane Bank for the struggle. I believe even the powers of the governor will be checked.

This ruling is a good signal to all investors that their investment can be safe because the judicial system is there in case of any malpractice. Youths should now brace themselves and start to apply for jobs in case the bank is reopened.

All the private sector borrowers who used to access affordable and first service should remain positive to transact again.

This is a clear win for all Ugandans.

Ben Ssebuguzi is an Entrepreneur, Economist and Secretary General of Uganda Poor Youth Movement (UPYM).

VALENTINE’S DAY: Nigeria’s Triky Tee To Sing For Lovers At Kabira Country Club

Nigerian musician Triky Tee, real names Timmy Sinclair, is set to perform at Kabira Country Club on Valentine’s Day. The former Big Brother house mate is already in the country.

Revelers will prior to the main event have a meet and greet chance with Triky Tee. The event will be hosted by another former Big Brother house mate Denzel Mwiyeretsi.

Triky Tee, born in 1985 in Bayelsa State, Nigeria, is a Nigerian creative artist and one of the 20 contestants of the 2020 Big Brother Naija reality show.

Kabira Country Club has lined up a variety of fun activities, promos, offers and discounts to enable their customers celebrate love on Valentine’s Day.

With 95 luxurious guest rooms and exceptional amenities, Kabira Country Club is perfect for a relaxing getaway and somewhere to hold a special event or an impressive venue for a business gathering.


To celebrate Valentine's Day with customers, Kabira Country Club is offering all these affordably. The hotel recently announced this year's Valentine's Day offers on its social media pages.

"Valentine's Day is around the corner. Don't miss out on this once in a lifetime chance to showcase your love with our special packages. We are ready to make your day worth the memories here at Kabira Country Club," Ajit Singh, the hotel's general manager said.

Kabira Country Club is offering Valentine's accommodation offers with rooms starting from Shs395, 000 and above while dinner will be at Shs169, 000 per couple and a 50% discount for resident couples and a free glass of sangria. There will be live music and roses on arrival.

“Make your Valentine feel the love and care you have by offering a treat at Kabira Country Club amid romantic atmosphere at attractive prices. We offer wide range of amenities that will help you relax, credible and timely room service,” Singh explained.

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