Bad Black Is Here To Learn English, Digital Marketing - Victoria University

Socialite Shanitah Namuyimbwa also known as Bad Black is associating with Victoria University as a student and as is with most of the university’s alumni, she automatically becomes their brand ambassador.

A large section of the public reacted with disapproval when news broke that Victoria University had hired bad Black as a brand ambassador targeted with attracted new students to join the university.

And now the university has told the media that they were approached by Bad Black with a request to enroll her as a student.

According to Dr. Lawrence Muganga, the vice chancellor of Victoria Victoria Bad Black ‘came to Victoria University with an overwhelming desire to better herself and become a decent contributing member of society and a role model to her children'

He said: “Ms. Shanitah Namuyimwa expressed her passionate desire to pursue two short courses at Victoria University and her priority courses were English and Digital marketing.

Adding: “Ms. Shanita has a goal of becoming a fluent English speaker and digital marketing guru and that is how Victoria University comes in to help her like any other Ugandan to realize such an incredible dream and becoming a decent contributing member of society.”

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