Forest Cottages announces Special Room Rates To Bolster Uganda's Domestic Tourism

In the last two years, international travel was battered by the COVID19 pandemic leaving it on it’s knees in 2020. While there was noticeable recovery in 2021 as the world learnt how to deal with the pandemic tourism services providers turned to local markets.

And as the omicron variant rattles the world with COVID19 uncertainty, domestic tourism seems to be the right direction tourism services providers should continue focusing on for survival. With this, domestic tourism is emerging as a more reliable market for tourism.

In Uganda, as the country cautiously reopens her economy, domestic tourism is etching deeper into the plans of services providers who not until the pandemic prioritized international travelers. This is changing with the dwindling and restrictive international travels.

Tourism services providers in Uganda like hotels and resorts are coming up with products and packages that are more affordable to Ugandans. One such hotel is Forest Cottages that has announced post festive season discounts on accommodation.

The hotel, set in a peaceful, African forest feature in Bukoto, a posh suburb in Uganda’s capital Kampala, has announced newly revised special room rates with exciting discounts on accommodation to help travelers and holiday makers save more on accommodation.

According to available media reports, in the “Special Room Rates” announced, Forest Cottages has listed up to five rooms with a Standard single room priced at UGX180k, and UGX230k (on half board basis) while a Standard double room is offered at UGX220k and UGX320k (half board basis).

Additionally, the hotel is also offering cottage rooms with a One Bedroom Cottage slashed to UGX 280k, a Two Bedroom Cottage at UGX 350k and a Family Cottage (most preferred) is being offered at UGX 450k only.

According to the Rooms and Reservations Manager at Forest Cottages, this Special offer is curled to target mainly travelers, daily guests, couples, or families seeking to get a home away from experience in a Kampala getaway experience.

Forest Cottages further revealed that its clients booking for these new rates at the hotel get exclusive amenities among which include; Bed and Breakfast, Free access to High-speed WIFI, Swimming Pool, Sauna, and Steam Bath, giving you the ultimate luxurious comfort and experience ever in Kampala.


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