FRAUDSTER: Here Is Why Police Is Investigating Migrant Workers Voice ED Abdallah Kayonde

While the business of labour externalization has been booming in the country and has helped thousands of Ugandan youths find proper employment abroad, especially in Arab countries, it is being threatened by unscrupulous individuals and companies that engage in unbecoming behavior and deals.

The latest altercation has seen the Ministry of Internal Affairs launch investigation into numerous cases of fraudulent forgeries, extortion and human rights violations by a one Abdallah Kayonde, the executive director (ED) of Migrants Workers Voice Network.

According to documents presented, Kayonde is accused of engaging in different criminal acts including among others fleecing money from unsuspecting domestic workers in countries like Saudi Arabia, Oman and UAE purporting to help desperate Ugandans to get justice.

This followed after the Ministry received several calls from several people whose relatives the Migrants Workers Voice Network Company located in Rubaga road promised National Identity Cards and passports which were allegedly withheld by the recruiting firms.

About 326 Ugandans have complained against Abdallah Kayonde who requested Ugx 200,000 shillings promising to train and also secure them jobs abroad, but they have never got jobs nor the money.

Ugandans seeking to work abroad have been urged to consult the labour ministry for an authentic list of labour export firms. Those abroad have also been advised to seek assistance from the Ugandan Embassies.

From their website, Migrants Workers Voice Network claims that their vision is to empower, sensitize and train migrant working communities in an environment with equal opportunities for growth and development to improve their quality of life and work in the International communities around the world.

While their mission is to have an empowered, experienced and self-reliant migrant workers through legitimate sensitization, rehabilitation and rights advocacy, enhancing their capacities to effectively participate in realizing economic and social development goals and in improving their livelihood standards.

However, going by the latest accusations and the investigations instituted by the ministry of internal affairs, members of the public need to tread carefully when dealing with Migrants Workers Voice Network.

Premier Recruitment Now Recruiting 500 Cleaners, Baggage Handlers To Work In Qatar

Premier Recruitment Limited, located at Crane Chambers on Kampala Road, is looking for 500 able-bodied Ugandans, both male and female between the age bracket of 23 and 35 years, to work as cleaners and baggage handlers in Qatar.

According to Amon Baita, the Marketing, PR and Activations Manager at Premier Recruitment, interviews for interested individuals will be held on 3rd May, 2021 at Speke Hotel Opposite Sheraton Hotel starting 8:00 am-1:00 pm.

Successful candidates must be able to speak English and possess a valid passport. Selected individuals will get a free air ticket after a 2-year contract, free meals, free accommodation, free medical insurance and a salary of Shs1m plus overtime.

"For now we are focusing on absorbing at least 500 young males and female Ugandans by end of May this year into the labour market of Qatar and Dubai who can at least have a take-home salary of 1.2m to 2m," Baita said of their labour externalization efforts in the country.

"That's less than half of the demand order we have so far from both countries – Qatar and UAE,” he adds, revealing that interviews for Dubai airport workers happen every Saturday of the week.


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