Miraj Barot Business Trends At Tirupati Recognized With Award

Tirupati Development (U) Ltd is providing Micro, Small, and Medium, Enterprises (MSMEs) that are looking to set up small factories a home in Kampala, the capital of Uganda.

The Tirupati Business Park in Kyebando, according to Miraj Barot, the Joint Managing Director of Tirupati Development (U) Ltd, has created 2000 jobs for Uganda by providing affordable condominiums to 200 MSMEs.

 These MSMEs have set up mini-factories manufacturing some of the most essential products required by Ugandans to trade and live their lives.

The Kyebando-based business park is the first of its kind in Uganda despite the government, through the Uganda Investment Authority, setting up several industry parks across the country.

What sets Tirupati Business Park apart is that it targets investors who are starting small but focused on business growth.

Because of this innovative business venture, Miraj Barot was on Thursday, August 31 2023, named the best Business Trendsetter in the private sector by Ugandans who participated in a voting process.

Miraj received the award from the Permanent Secretary and Secretary to the Treasury (PSST) in the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development, Ramathan Ggoobi, at the 4th Business Trendsetter’s Forum and Awards.

The ceremony took place at the Sheraton Hotel Kampala. Miraj Barot used the ceremony to reveal that when the next phase of the Tirupati Business Park is launched, another 250 MSMEs will be welcomed to set up more factories and create jobs.

To win the award, Miraj Barot was chosen ahead of Richard Zulu, the Founder of Outbox Hub, an enterprising startup; Goretti Massadde, the CEO of Uganda Institute of Banking and Financial Services; and Irene Birungi Mugisha, the Director of ARC and Ideator PCF.

In the category of Business Trendsetter Public Sector, the voters picked Ramathan Ggoobi over Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja, Sarah Ndoboli Kataike, the State Minister for Luwero, and Simon Kasyate, the KCCA spokesperson.

Irene Birungi defeated Elly Karuhanga of Uganda Chamber of Mines and Petroleum, Dr Henery Clarke Kisembo, the Chairman of DALI, and Amos Wekesa of Great Lakes Safaris in the category of Business Trendsetter 2022/2023 Hero.

In the category of Life Time Achievers, Wasswa Birigwa, the Chairperson of FDC, Peter Sematimba, Robert Kabushenga and Josephat Machete were awarded.

The Founder of the Business Trendsetters Forum and Awards, Yvonne Mpanga said each year business trends tracers identify business leaders who are championing new business trends for recognition. 

Leela Foundation Mourns Passing Of Inspirer

Leela Foundation Uganda, the philanthropic arm of Tirupati Development (U) Limited, is mourning the death of Mrs Leelaben Maganbhai Barot.

Mrs Barot, 94, has been the mother of Harshad Barot, the founder of Tirupati. She died on Wednesday 8th June 2023 in Kampala.

A statement released by the family said they are grieved by the loss of their beloved mother. “Mother of Shri Harshadbhai Maganllal Barot has left this material body and departed for heavenly abode,” it said.

A family source said Leela Foundation, an NGO that supports old people, was created to celebrate the deceased. Thousands of elderly people have benefited from the Foundation’s generosity.

Leela Foundation has supported old people in Kampala, Jinja Karamoja, Mbale and other parts of the country. The Third Deputy Prime Minister, Rukia Nakadama recognized Leela Foundation for helping old people in the country.

SMEs Have A Critical Role In Creating Jobs & Incomes - Miraj Barot

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in developing countries like Uganda are critical when pursuing sustainable growth because they create jobs, are innovative and pay taxes to government, Miraj Barot, the Managing Director of Tirupati Group Of Companies, told a high-level conference in Kampala.

“SMEs have played a more successful role in increasing employment and arranging incomes; they are drivers of sustainable economic growth. As they say, little drops of water make a mighty ocean; similarly, smallscale industries can combine and make a huge economy,” Miraj said.

He was speaking at the Religion & Enterprise Africa Summit 2022 event on Saturday at Sheraton Hotel in Kampala. The Summit was organized by Human Capital International Uganda under the theme ‘entrepreneurial transformation through faith-based innovation, investment, trade and technology.’

Miraj, who was discussing the topic ‘Advantages of Having SMEs in Developing Countries’, explained that SMEs have competitive structures and strategies and can easily adapt to changes. “During covid19, a tailor who was making clothes for people suddenly started making masks; SMEs are highly flexible,” he said.

He said that for success, SMEs need to be faithful to their religions inorder to be able to do good, be ethical and with high levels of integrity. "It is very important to have these values instilled in us in our youth so that they not only maintain social values of our families but also the entire country to prosper at large.

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