Women Unite To Claim Their Seat In Energy Sector

A network of women working in the energy and extractives sector has been launched by the Minister of Energy and Mineral Development, Dr Ruth Nankabirwa, to promote gender equity and diversity in the sector.

The newly created Women in Energy and Extractives Network (WEEN) seeks to empower women who are underrepresented in the industry and often face challenges in accessing opportunities and resources.

The promoters of WEEN say it has been established to support the advancement and empowerment of women in the sector.

The network's objectives include strengthening women's networks in the energy and extractives sector, elevating women's profile in the industry, enhancing participation of women in the sector, fostering female leadership, and advocating for gender integration in energy and extractives policies and programs at national, regional, and global levels.

The categories of membership in WEEN include Corporate Memberships, Enterprise Memberships, Associate Memberships, and Student Memberships.

The network will undertake activities such as launch events, networking events, mentorship and coaching, capacity building, and advocacy to achieve its objectives.

The WEEN will organize training and capacity-building sessions to enhance the skills and knowledge of women in the sector, cover leadership, negotiation, and technical skills.

"The Women in Energy and Extractives Network is a crucial initiative that will enable us to empower and support women in the sector. The lack of women's representation in energy and extractives has been a challenge, and we believe that through this network, we can bridge this gap and enhance women's participation in the sector," said Eng Irene Pauline Batebe, Chair of Board of Trustees.

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